Women’s Health: Menopause A Smooth Transition Part 2 – vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda

We actually have two built-in methods
that our body has of coping with the loss of estrogen and one of them is the
fact that we have adrenal production of estrogen and progesterone, as much as we have ovarian. In fact, after menopause our adrenals kind of
kick in as like a backup system. But if our adrenals are so busy making
cortisol from all the raw materials it needs to make hormones, it will not be
able to make as much estrogen and progesterone. So therefore, again handling stress directly affects our a balance of hormones. And Ashwagndha an excellent
herb for helping to balance that hormonal function. And secondly,
phytoestrogens meaning plant-based substances found naturally in foods can
help provide our body with enough natural estrogen without over
stimulating it like artificial or bioidentical hormones, in excess, can do.
So, for example flaxseeds are an excellent source of phytoestrogens. Ideally ground fresh
each day two tablespoons taken in the morning has been shown to reduce hot
flashes. And if you’d like to take advantage of the wisdom of Ayurveda, it
is known for thousands of years that shatavari or indian asparagus, Asparagus Racemosus, is its Latin name, is a very potent phytoestrogen which also has
cooling effects. So, for women going through menopause or perimenopause
having heavy bleeding, hot flashes, irritability, or skin problems — Shatavari
is a wonderful balancer for those kinds of conditions. And a
combination of herbs can often be more potent than any one herb alone and has
balancing effects to avoid an overstimulation of any one herb. So what
I would recommend in that case would be a formula called Hot Flash Relief
which has the Shatavari plus it has other cooling herbs such as Indian
sarsaparilla which cools the liver and helps it cope with impurities. And
thirdly, it has sandalwood one of the most cooling substances on the planet
and then it has a variety of other herbs that support the uterus help to purify
the blood and help balance a woman’s hormones and her mood and emotions at
this time. One other thing my patients have often
told me they found helpful is a formula called Midlife for Women 1 and the
recommendation Ayurvedically is that one takes this product for a couple years
before menopause is expected because it helps to clear the channels it helps
digestion and helps us digest our food so we don’t make waste which is called
ama meaning impurities that can accumulate in our tissues block the
channels, and interfere with our hormonal connection between the hormones and the cells. Ayurveda says that if we accumulate waste from not digesting our
food well, then we will have a variety of problems including menopausal symptoms, more serious kind of menopausal symptoms that don’t go away so easily. So taking
this product for a couple years before menopause helps support the good
digestion good metabolism good elimination it’s also very good for mood
which can start to become a little unstable or we may become more sensitive or irritable as a hormones start to change approaching menopause. So Midlife for Women 1 and then Hot Flash Relief and Shatavari as a single herb. Aloe vera
juice also for cooling and cleansing. Raking extra care for yourself, reducing
stress, getting more rest — all of these things help to create a
smooth menopause that you were meant to have. Nature wants us all to have smooth
transitions! I wish you a smooth transition and wish you good health
after menopause, which is also according to Ayurveda, according to natural health principles our destiny and birthright. We don’t have
to degenerate after menopause we can stay healthy by taking good care of
ourselves wishing you the best of health!

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