Women’s Health NP at Duke

The program attracted me because it’s
the only women’s health nurse practitioner program in the state of
North Carolina and also I like the fact that it’s all the didactic courses are
online and then you can complete clinicals within driving distance of
your home. I think on the whole Duke is a wonderful program the women’s health
nurse practitioner program is great Dr. Trotter really goes above and
beyond to make sure that we are ready to be women’s health nurse practitioners when we leave the program. I think that it’s one of the best programs out
there and they really care about their
students you know I felt like any questions I had they were always there
to answer and you know quick feedback. I think the OCI’s have been a great
experience. I got to meet friends and form relationships and study buddies
also the experiences are helpful because you get to practice hands-on before
going into the clinical setting. As far as my personal experience with the
preceptor matchup it was very positive and I enjoyed all of my preceptor the
Dr. Trotter, who’s the head of it, is just so engaged and really wants her
students to succeed and she’s you know our biggest advocate and she you know makes
sure that we do well and succeed in the program. My favorite part of the program
was probably my clinical experience. I really loved actually getting to do what
I was studying and it also cemented in the fact that I had chosen well and this
was what I was supposed to be doing with the rest of my career
it just really clarified that yes this is exactly what I wanted to do, this is where I’m supposed to be in my career and in my clinical rotations my preceptors taught me and
allowed me to perform a lot of things. The clinical rotations are amazing I had
wonderful preceptors and all of that is set up with the
School so it really took that stress off of me knowing that my clinical sites
were ready for me to go and every experience was a great one. I’m Melanie
King I am a women’s health nurse practitioner and I am a December 2016
graduate of the Duke women’s health nurse practitioner program. I’m Susan Wilhelm
Patterson and I’m currently in my final semester of the women’s health nurse
practitioner program at Duke University. My name is Lucia and I am a recent
graduate of the Duke women’s health nurse practitioner program. My name is
Liz and I am a graduate of the women’s health nurse practitioner

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