Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner at Duke

The unique kind of student that comes
to the Women’s Health NP Program here at Duke has a strong science background
because people think it’s all specialty care but we do a lot of primary care
first and then move into specialty care so it needs to be someone who keeps
their mind open to that. You may come into the program saying oh I know I want
to be an oncology women’s health nurse practitioner which is great and it might
be the perfect spot for you but in the course of the program sometimes they see
new things, so keep your mind open to that where you can combine that with
primary care perhaps and run your own survivorship clinic perhaps for a GYN
oncology. Occasionally, students have said I’m conflicted, I want to do women’s
health but I also like adult gero and some of them have done both. They’ve finished women’s health, gotten board-certified and then done a
postgraduate and then they have more options post-graduation. When students
enter the program, we have several ways of trying to help match
them up with a senior or a new grad so they have someone to reach out to if
they need to as well as their advisor of course and people have found that’s
helpful. We try to do it by geographic location so if you’re from Colorado and
there’s another new grad or someone from that area will hook you up. But we also
have a Facebook page that’s internal that the students run and that’s a great
way to share stories “hey I did my first complete physical” or “hey I just passed
my boards” so it’s a great way to share and also newest evidence-based practice
the guidelines that people are reading about so it’s a great way to interact
and post things so that’s kind of nice to have an identity to realize you’re
part of a cohort and part of our crew here.We also have get-togethers during
the on-campus events which people have found a great way to bond and talk with
each other as well as meet their instructors and really get a feel for
the lay of the land both clinical practice and what people are doing in
research and what fun things are happening in their necks of the woods. Some of them are being offered jobs during their clinical rotations. We had a
graduate in Kansas and they’d never actually heard of a women’s health NP
there and she was doing her rotation there and they said well we love you we
want to hire you so let’s make this work and she did and so it was great. Other
places have had women’s health NPs and they just needed more help but our
grads are doing OB/GYN they are working in HIV clinics for women some of them
have done the specialty courses here we have cardiology, endocrine etc. A few have
been very interested in women veteran population and have started working
there. Then, because we are one of the only programs that offers the centering
pregnancy facilitation skillset and workshop, I had a student who was in
Green Bay, Wisconsin when she interviewed someone saw that on her you know new
grad sometimes it’s hard to find them they get that first job they saw that
she was centering certified and they said “oh you have that skill not only do
you have Norplant 90-day insertion and and other credentials but you can do
centering?” and she’s like yes ma’am I can and she said “oh we’re very interested in
you, we want to start that nationally known program” I thought that was kind of
neat that because of the specialty that we offer here with that that helped her
with her job market. We have folks who are running health departments in the
maternal child section, we have folks who are jumping right into OB/GYN practices
helping first assist for cesarean sections, making clinical rounds we have
one currently she’s about to start her job and she will work in the hospital. She will work postpartum discharging moms and babies and strictly focusing in
on postpartum women. If you’d like to see some more details we are we have a spot
on the Duke School of Nursing website and follow the page down, under women’s
health, there’s usually a short video of our graduates that they have made as
well as some Flickr photos at the bottom showing them at work doing some of the
competencies that we do here so it’s good thing to check out.

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