Women’s Health: Premenstrual Syndrome and Menstrual Cramps | vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda

I think most women in our modern and
Western cultures would consider the menstrual cycle more of a nuisance than
anything else. However, Ayurveda the traditional health system of India has a
different viewpoint as do many traditional cultures. And that is that
the menstrual cycle is actually a very health giving function of the woman’s
physiology and it can actually be a way that the body cleanses itself. And in
fact even conventional medicine recognizes that having the reproductive
cycle seems to be giving women a health advantage over men as before menopause, before age 50, women have a much lower rate of heart disease than after 50 when
it starts to go up and they start to approximate the rates that men have. So
it seems that this process actually is something that could be beneficial. And
Ayurveda recommends that women honor this cycle and treat it in a way that
will be allowing it to go on in a most natural way and most complete and full
way. In fact it looks at the health of the menstrual cycle as an indicator of
the balance of the woman’s health as a whole. So if a woman has menstrual cramps, she’s got severe pms, or down the line has ovarian cyst or fibroids these are
all signs that her body as a whole has gotten out of balance. Whether it’s in
the hormonal area, the nervous system area, or maybe diet and metabolism — all of these factors can influence the woman’s reproductive system. Therefore when we
talk about how to balance PMS and how to get rid of mental cramps
we have to honor the Ayurvedic super systems or the doshas the neuro
endocrine functions of our nervous system and hormones and our metabolic
functions — those are the functions of what are called vata and pitta in
Ayurveda. So one of the most important principles of balancing the menstrual
cycle is actually rest. Rest sounds like a total luxury or maybe even impractical
in our modern lifestyle which is so hectic and so stressful, but especially
because of that, getting more rest and taking it more easy especially on the
first day or two of the cycle is really important for women. In fact, I’ve worked
with Ayurvedic physicians from India who came here saw patients with me and said
they had never seen so many menstrual problems and reproductive problems and
women before. They said in India we just don’t see all these problems and they
related it, they feel, to the high stress level and very fast pace of life of
women in the West. They said this is not good for fertility, obviously, and women
end up suffering from a lot of different health problems and maybe end up with
surgeries and other procedures that hopefully they could avoid. A couple other
tips, one is to avoid cold drinks, just before and during your period and cold
desert. Because cold tends to cause and promote spasms you want to drink hot
water, warm drinks, chamomile tea. You want to walk, don’t just lie in bed all day,
when I say rest — but get some exercise. Do gentle activities around the house, or if
you have to go to work, but don’t schedule extra things and don’t spend
hours on the computer in the evening, for example. Another thing is if you have
discomfort, menstrual cramps, one very natural simple way to deal with that is
to put oil rub oil, sesame oil is very good, on the abdomen and then hot water bottle
because that heat and that oil helps to reduce the discomfort and open the
channels and allow that period to happen, very smoothly. Many of my patients take a product called Smooth Cycle, this is an
Ayurvedic product that takes advantage of the synergy of many herbs working
together and it includes lodh and asoka trees, which are known to help tone and
strengthen and keep the uterus healthy. Shatavari which helps to balance out
excess bleeding and keep the woman’s hormones and balance also can help
reduce irritability. Ashwagandha, which is a super adaptogen meaning it helps the
adrenals at our stress handling system to be balanced, very important in
balancing what we call vata and the nervous system as well as our hormonal
system. And also, it contains aloe vera. In fact, aloe vera juice is also something
you could drink throughout the month but stop it during the period because it
could cause extended flow, but otherwise it’s a great rejuvenative and it helps
to eliminate toxins throughout the month, keep the liver strong, so that naturally
the body can balance itself, keep its hormones in balance. So if you’re
struggling with PMS, struggling with menstrual cramps these are some of the
tips i recommend. And remember, treat yourself kindly during those few days of
the month and your body will treat you more kindly the rest of the month!

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  1. Yes there are these problems in India. Plenty of them. They are just accepted as normal and when they do go to the gynaecologist who will suggest all the Western medical solution that leads to hysterectomy supported by HRT leading to cancer. Ayurveda is no longer a part of their lives unless they take charge of their own organs. Given the social stigmas associated to a dysfunctional reproductive system and age old acceptance of pain being a woman's fate, most women don't speak up. Ayurveda gets blindsided as girls and women in India are in a between a rock and a hard place when is comes to painful and debilitating problems associated to reproductive system due to social and western medicine's interpretation and 'solution'. While offering quick fixes that often fail or have bad side effects for a lifetime, Western medicine doesn't even know why it happens and just recognises symptoms. Chinese medicine and Ayurveda understands the root causes and has known for thousands of years.

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