Women’s Health Reset – Alternative Treatments for Women

This video is for any woman that has
problems between their belly button and basically our hips, endometriosis,
polycystic, ovarian disease, hormone problems, this is the video for you. Hello everyone. Dr. Jason West with an
exciting therapy to share with you relating to women’s health we actually
call this the Frank and Hauser procedure not to be confused with Frankenstein
because that’s a different story but Dr. Franken Houser was a medical ob/gyn that
unlocked the key to women’s health problems in the pelvis so things like
endometriosis or very very heavy and long cycles on the flip side not having
cycles polycystic ovarian syndrome any pain patterns in the hip and the pelvis
and the payload even low back problems respond really well to this nerve reboot
therapy for women again called the Franken House of procedure. Now I got to
tell you a little bit about how nerves work because nerves can have a memory in
them. And what happens is, if you have a chronic health problem long enough your
nervous system actually accepts that as being normal. Now if your body was a
computer and you decided to do a computer reset you call up tech support
because of a computer problem tech support will say let’s turn everything
off and turn it back on. You won’t have to reboot the system now what the
Franken Howser procedure does is it reboots the system for a woman
everything in the pelvis and that’s why it’s so good for so many things
associated with women’s health, hormone balance, Meadow regia endometriosis,
PCOS, this is fantastic. Here’s how you do the procedure. What you
do is, you have women lay on their back, on their back. It’s a very very modest
procedure and feel three finger widths up from the femoral artery on the right
and femoral artery on the left. You take a little tiny syringe with a thin needle
and you inject a combination of propane a homeopathic called corneal composite
and some vitamin b12 followed up with a little bit of oxidative medicine. A
little bit of ozone therapy. And what it does is it makes the nerves and women in
the pelvis it gets them to open closed and reset. It’s amazing for hormone
imbalance. It fixes so many pelvic disorders and we
and it’s just one of my favorite things to do and it’s not just me saying it.
Some amazing patient testimonial videos have out helped their concerns and the
pelvis again with those different conditions and it’s one of my favorite
treatment options to give for any pelvic disorders. So a couple of my favorite
experiences with the Franken Houser procedure, nerve reboot for women and the
first one is infertility and I think it were larch out last year we had 13 women that
came into the office that we’re really trying to get pregnant that had tried
different types of medical interventions and we went 12 for 13 last year by
balancing the hormones by doing the nerve reset with the Franken Houser
procedure, doing some mind-body healing and adding some vitamins intervention.
Now my favorite vitamin for infertility is vitamin E. It’s a sex hormone
precursor is so good for infertility. But the Franken Houser is not specifically
associated with infertility, it’s associated with all types of women’s
healthcare conditions. I can remember one story of a lady that came in that said I
am addicted to Mountain Dew. I just need energy for that and I said well what’s
the problem when she said I’ve had a continual cycle literally for three
years and then my medical doctor has suggested that I do a hysterectomy. I
don’t want to do that I don’t know if I’m done having children but man my
female system is just not working. And we took her into the procedure room we got
our gown and prepped her appropriately we did the franken Howser procedure
which is a nerve reset for women’s health and we’ve stopped the continual
cycles. Not only did she get her health back but she was able to have two more
children associated with that. The other thing that was really neat is I had a
girl that had come in and it was really kind of a tragic story because she was
exposed to HPV which is the virus and it caused a little provocation of the
tissue. Her medical doctor had gone down and shaved part of the uterus and they
had actually shaved a little bit too much. They didn’t think that she was able
to have children you know it’s excited to see her about a year ago in the
office because we’ve done the procedure, we’ve done some vitamin infusion therapy,
we had done some of the nerve reset therapy and she was able to have
children it was one of the happiest days that I’ve had in practice.
Really neat about how to reset the nerves that are associated with all of
the hormones and all of the libido this works really well for women that have a
low sex drive. It also helps them to enjoy sexual relationships, it also
really helps to just regulate everything through the pelvis. I hope you like the
video on the frankenhauser procedure and neural therapy. If you got value out
of it please see the report below and like and hit the little bar on the side
the little bell and it’ll give you an email every time we put out a new video.

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