Women’s Health Services

(upbeat music) – We are a full service and
health clinic in Wood Cross, Georgia. We service all the areas
in southeast Georgia. We have office procedures,
we do minimally invasive procedures in hospital. – We do preventative care,
annual exams, birth control, counseling, and initiation of medication. Physical exams for school when necessary. (upbeat music) – Our OB services are provided
by three medical doctors, a nurse midwife, and
a nurse practitioners. Our medical doctors do all
of our deliveries here. We deliver at Memorial Satilla. – Any kind of obstetrical
problems we can address here, from high risk pregnancy
including low, high blood pressure, diabetes, any
kind of other diseases in pregnancy. (upbeat music) – We treat women who have
issues or concerns with irregular menstrual cycles,
fibroids, infertility workups and evaluations. – We also do a lot of GYN surgery, whether it by hysterectomies,
minor procedures, we do a lot of laparoscopy,
we also do some pelvic floor surgery for incontinence
and prolapse procedures, sling procedures. (upbeat music) – I think everybody will like
our office and our group. I think we can offer a personalized care. I think we can offer most
of the things we can find in a bigger place in a bigger city, but we have a more personal touch. – So there’s always
someone on call 24 hours, no matter what time
whether it’s day or not. We have an ultrasound tech in the office, we have a lab in the office
that we can have blood drawn. When there’s a need for
whether it be an urgent ultrasound, if there’s a
problem we can address it right then ’cause we can
actually go with the patient and discuss real time
findings that we see verses having to wait on a report. – When you come to our clinic
you will see top grade, top notch care. We’re a very diverse staff,
very loving and caring staff, you’ll feel like you’re
a part of the family. (upbeat music)

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  1. After pap smear is done. Do they make patients have bimanal exam on healthy women. Bimanal exam putting fingers in side vagina area after pap smear done. They are not useful screening too for healthy women to be harmful. They are not an effective way to diagnose ovarion cancer either and uninolysis is better way to detect STD. Bimanal exam are so anxiety and uncomfortable or painful that they can even cause healthy women to avoid medical care altogether.

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