Women’s Health Symposium – Doctors Hospital of Sarasota

(upbeat cheerful music) – All we do is focus on our families and focus on our kids and our husbands, that we don’t always take the
time to take care of ourselves and so I think that having
an afternoon dedicated to you and your health really is something that hits home for these ladies, so it really worked out nicely
to have an event like this and also have five female
physicians to talk about it. – Something like this just
creates an environment for people to learn about
women’s health issues, how we can prolong our health and optimize our health and wellbeing. We’ve got a diverse
group of women physicians and kind of running the gambit of musculoskeletal
problems, women’s health, OB-GYN issues, cardiac issues, all things that are very
important and unique to women. – I was attracted first by the reputation of Doctors Hospital,
secondly by the speakers and their different specialties,
and expecting to learn more about the current trends in medicine. – This is like an impetus. This makes people jumpstart
to go into networking what is out there, what
is available for you? To see all of this is just amazing. – We need to take care of ourselves and I think as women we
tend to be caregivers, not caretakers of ourselves. We always save ourselves for last, but we’re all we have. So if I go down, the family goes down. So I think we need to learn
to take care of ourselves and this is a good opportunity to do that. – These women, they’re our
mothers, they’re our daughters, they’re our sisters,
and we want them to know that there is a facility out there that really cares about them.

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