Women’s Health Testimonial Erica Lopes

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Erica. I’m from
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I was experiencing a little bit of pain. Obviously, women health
issues you kinda tough through it, that’s what you do as a woman. I had a large mass on my right ovary. I saw Amy Scott, the nurse practitioner at the Highland Office first thing right in the beginning of the day. Amy spoke with me and
referred me to Dr. Kaufman. I sat with him. He explained essentially
what the issue was and that the only option
for me was surgery. It was a scary time. I’d never had stitches let alone surgery. I was an overnight guest at the hospital. Great, great facility. I had a family member who
was able to stay with me. You could use your cell phone, so it really was as painless
as that could’ve been. I went from being a up at night crying, not really acknowledging
that something was wrong to a completely active lifestyle. It was just a process that I
needed some hand holding with and they were certainly able to provide it in a very professional way. I’m a patient. it’s certainly something that
I’m more than comfortable recommending to other people. Coordinated Health is where you heal. (upbeat music)

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