Women’s Health Tips in Tamil

Women’s Health Tips in Tamil – How to cure menstrual cramps Women suffer during their periods due to menstrual cramps, fatigue, leg pain etc., They should be strong to tolerate these pains and their uterus must be strong and in this video we are going to prepare a home remedy for this. The ingredients we are going to use are urad dal, horse gram which reduces unwanted fat and flushes out toxins. The final ingredient is jaggery and let us how to prepare it with these ingredients. In a pan add black urad dal and fry it till nice aroma comes and transfer it in a plate. Let it cool down. Take equal amount of horse gram and fry it in the same pan. Clean the horse gram as there may be small stones in it. Switch off the stove when it starts to splutter. Transfer it in a plate and let it cool down. When it is cool and add it in a mixie cup. Grind it to a fine powder. Add required amount of jaggery with it. Grind it again and the powder is ready. Take 2 tsp everyday and it will act as iron and calcium supplement. It cures the back pain, leg pain for women during menstruation period. Women in menopause age can also take as it prevents osteoporosis etc., It also prevents weight gain.

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