Women’s Health Tour – Penn State Hershey Medical Center

>>Hello, my name is Dr. John Repke.>>I’m professor of obstetrics and gynecology
at the Penn State University College of Medicine and chairman of the department of obstetrics
and gynecology at the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and it’s my pleasure to tell you a
little bit about the women’s health services that we provide here at the Milton S. Hershey
Medical Center.>>For many of you, you’re familiar with our
services, but what you may not realize is how we’ve grown over the past decade.>>We currently offer obstetric services at
four locations, Hope Drive, which is on the east end of our university campus, the hospital
site practice on the third floor of the hospital building which houses ultrasound, high risk
obstetrics and reproductive endocrinology and infertility.>>A site at Camp Hill, which provides women’s
health services in general obstetrics and gynecology as well as maternal/fetal medicine
and ultrasound services and a site at Nyes Road, in Harrisburg that also provides general
obstetrics and gynecology services.>>We have a staff of 24 obstetrician/gynecologists,
many of whom are sub-specialized in areas of gynecology and obstetrics, such as high
risk obstetrics, also called maternal/fetal medicine, reproductive endocrinology and infertility,
and gynecological oncology as well as uro-gynecology and minimally invasive surgery.>>Our labor and delivery unit is a state
of the art unit. It’s staffed full time by nurses, physicians, anesthesiologists, and
we have a full time pediatric staff and neo-natal intensive care staff to be prepared for virtually
any need that you might encounter during the labor and delivery process.>>And for those patients that have medical
complications of pregnancy that may require admission to the hospital, prior to delivery,
those rooms are private as are all of our post partum recovery rooms.>>The average length of stay today after
a normal delivery is approximately one and a half to two days and after a C-section,
three to four days.>>During this time, you’ll receive full time
care from our physician and nursing staff.>>Our pediatric staff will care for your
child and while we do encourage babies to room in with Mom, we do have a small nursery
for those times when the baby needs to be away from the mother either for examination
purposes or for maternal request.>>We also have a fully staffed operating
room on labor and delivery, should Caeserian section become necessary and for very complicated
pregnancy, we have intensive care unit beds in our surgical intensive care unit equipped
with fetal monitoring systems for those patients that might have significant medical complications
requiring more intensive care than would be otherwise available on a labor and delivery
unit.>>Our labor and delivery, antepartum, and
post partum rooms are fully secured with ID access only and video surveillance so that
your safety, the safety of your family and the safety of your child are of paramount
importance.>>We have a newborn photography system to
enable you to take photographs of your baby and these can be posted online.>>It’s great to know that you have family
focused care for low risk pregnancies here in your own community, as well as having the
safety net that we afford with our high risk obstetricians, our obstetrician/gynecologists,
our high risk obstetrical nurses, our anesthesiologists, and our neo-natal intensive care physicians.>>I welcome you to the Penn State Milton
S. Hershey Medical Center and we’ll look forward to doing everything we can possibly do to
make your birth experience everything that you had hoped for.>>Thank you for listening.

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