Wrexham Strength and Balance Classes

I used to have a loyalty card once at A&E because I was always down there getting my face sorted out touchwood – I haven’t had a fall. We didn’t know anything about
these classes and we actually bumped into you, we were coming to the library actually it had just opened – and Stan was walking pretty badly at that time wasn’t he? and her husband says “come with
me” and he took him to meet the girls and providing the doctor was happy, they
agreed to accept him. The hospital, I went to get something done to my eye and they recommended coming here. It’s lovely to sit there and the two instructors are in front of you so you know exactly what are you going to do, whether it’s heel toe or leg, you do it. Monday here, Wednesday at home. Not only that, my wife she chides me now, so what I do she does and so it makes it a lot better than me talking to myself and sitting, looking into the mirror. I think it’s beneficial to me as well as to him, I’ve got more mobility. You get to do different things that you’d never dream of doing … and these two girls, honest to god, the way they look after us it’s just unbelievable … if they were giving medals out, I’d give them both a gold medal I would honestly, that’s how good they are. I would say that since beginning the class, that my balance has improved, my confidence has improved as well, I’ve not had a fall I suppose for over twelve months and basically manage all the duties of everyday
life. I was falling a lot with regards to my blood pressure would drop rapidly for no reason at all and I would go down and it made me very apprehensive of wherever or anything but I have got a lot more confidence now. I can now say I can stand upright, and before, to wash the back of my neck I use to have to go like this, but I can do that, that and I can move my shoulders and things. It’s absolutely wonderful I think it’s done my husband at lot of good and it’s given him more self-confidence
which is so important because he was at one time a little bit low, you know, but he’s fine now and he has definitely improved. Now, since I’ve been coming to these classes, I am doing a little more walking … I stopped more or less you know, but I’m going back to it now. The atmosphere is so loving and so caring, and Don can’t wait for Mondays to come along.

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