Y’ALL DON’T EVEN GIVE A F* ABOUT WOMEN AND BABIES (a reproductive rights mini rant)

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  1. My new neighbor has 3 kids. 9mo pregnant now and a full blown heroin addict. Has zero custody of the kids she has now. It boggles the mind. I'm looking for a new place bc the drama, violence, & drug abuse is so stressful. I thank the gods I had an abortion in my early 20s bc I knew it'd be difficult.

  2. Whooooooo girlllll!!!!! Preach! I hate that “what if your mother aborted you” bullsh*t! Then we wouldn’t be having this conversation, and!? LOL! So stupid. I loved everything you said and how you said it!

  3. I don't Know how I found your page but thank God. You hit everything on the nail I've watched at least 3 of your videos and I mean oh my gosh the nail on the head. Each video we're saying the same thing at the same time. You're making me think on some of the things you say. Thank you for keeping the conversation going and I enjoy your channel!!! I had to subscribe after watching the finale of the Kardashians..ugh.. keep going girl

  4. Just one thing: trans men and nonbinary people with uteruses are also in danger when it comes to abortion becoming illegal. Even currently, it's very difficult for trans men to receive abortions and birth control they may need, bc a lot of the services that can help impoverished people get abortions explicitly only help women, meaning if you've had your gender marker changed, you may be barred from assistance. Plenty of trans men and nonbinary folks who go in to get abortions at planned Parenthood or even to get reproductive advice, are given Looks and judged severely for being present in the building. This leads trans men to be less likely to seek out help when they need abortions. So it's not just women who are struggling when it comes to pregnancies and abortion, and it's not that men are the ones who can walk away. It's only really cis men who can just walk away.
    Also important to recognize that reproductive freedom is a big discussion in trans communities not just bc of people w uteruses, but because in many cases, states and countries legally require trans people to be sterilized in order to be recognized as their gender. This goes so far in some places that trans women and other trans people w penises are not allowed to freeze sperm in order have genetic children later if they wish to pursue any gender affirming surgeries.

  5. You’re so fuckin smart. I’m gonna keep these points in my back pocket next time I need to get into it with somebody who doesn’t know better. Subbed!

  6. What I want, what I desire, how will I benefit from it, and it's not my fault; this is black female logic for you. Even with the racist history behind Planned Parenthood; black women like this dummy managed to complain about no longer having the abortion safety net for their wreckless promiscuity.

  7. You’re so eloquent. I choose you a Harvard graduate over any other channel. I feel like when I watch other youtubers they don’t possess the articulation you have to get their message across. Love you

  8. The Handmaid’s tale is an increasing reality. Infertility is rising amongst the white race, that’s why they would rather make abortion illegal than uncover why their population is decreasing.

  9. Hearing someone else voice my concerns on this, is really nice, cause it's honestly scary what happening with anti-abortion and womens reproductive rights in this country right now.

  10. Although I do not believe in abortion without looking into other options I understand that not everyone has the same viewpoint as I do that is why I believe every woman has the right to decide what is best for herself.
    I think:
    1. Abortion should NEVER be denied by the government. Especially in cases of rape, incest or if mother and/or child will pass or detrimental health to mother and/or child (just look at Alabama's Human Life Protection Act).
    2. Contraception’s should be available either free (condoms) or reduced price (pills, IUDs, etc).

    3. Anyone who wants to be sterilized over the age of 18 should have the right to do so.
    4. Sex education should be readily available to everyone in public schools, colleges/universities, clinics, and parental classes.

    5. Other options such as adoption should be re-evaluated for cost and process. Same-sex partners should have the same right to adopt as straight couples.

  11. I think HUMAN BEINGS have the urge to want to have kids….has nothing to do with just the female. Wish we would stop that way of thinking. What about men who have the urge to have a child but then the woman doesn't want it….somwthing to think about. But women should have the right to choose if they want to have the child or not….

  12. I could not have expressed this better myself! And as another poster said, most people who are pro-life are actually pro birth and not pro life, because they are focused on making sure that the babies are born and not focused on making sure that they grow up well into loving households where they are properly cared for in both their basic needs and more abstract needs. And what else is interesting is that a lot of pro life people are actually against things like welfare and government assistance for those in poverty. That essentially means that they believe in forcing a woman to have a baby who may not be having a baby because she is not in a financial position to take care of it, or doesn’t even want it.

  13. I also want to point out that making abortion illegal will not stop abortion. Before abortion became legal women were still having abortions, but they were doing it in a very unsafe way and a lot of women were dying from it. So if a woman is hell-bent on not having a baby then she will not have that baby, even at the risk and/or detriment of her own life. This is to say nothing of those who try to have abortions that are unsuccessful, hurting not only the mother, but also the baby who might grow up with deformities and other health problems as a result of a botched abortion.

  14. It boggles my mind when men say "If women dont want babies then they should abstain from sex" Why she WE have to abstain when yall as men would NEVERRRRR abstain. Also, how can a woman abstain when yall are out here having sex with um….WOMEN! Its an oxy-moron to ask women to abstain but then turn around and demand sex from a woman who may not want kids. And then have the nerve to not want to use a rubber. Lastly, when it comes to abortion being illegal to serve as "punishment" for "whores"…you do realize that a woman can have sex with ONE man only ONCE and STILL get pregnant. Its not about women being irresponsible, its definitely about control.

  15. I was pro-life when I was young and naive and only thought sluts got abortions and that everybody should just have better self control. Wow then the real world gave me a series of rude awakenings and lessons about families lol ….I also learned that my mother had an abortion before my brother and I. My Grandma was real religious and kinda pushed my Mom to get an abortion bc she wasn't married. I'm glad she had a safe one and had me and my brother……but damn it's obnoxious either way how everybody but pregnant women get to control a woman when she's pregnant

  16. When people are like "What if your mom had aborted you and you never would've existed?" I always think like.. you also wouldn't exist if your parents had simply chosen to have sex on a diffrent day so this argument like really doesn't hold up.

  17. Just thought I'd give a shout out to Eddie N – who is a COWARD. He posted this at me: "stop killing babies. it is not okay for moms to kill their babies. if i punched a pregnant woman in the stomach…" YADA YADA YADA
    But guess what? THEN HE DELETED IT. So he could yell at me in the notifications but like a coward RUN AWAY FROM A RESPONSE. So just so y'all know – "Eddie N" is a FUCKING COWARD. Yeah, big balls, boy. So impressed. * EYEROLL *

  18. I mostly agree! I think most people’s gripe with “aid” is not wanting to fund your abortion or child rearing. I think women AND men should have their choice. Just don’t count everyone else’s pockets. IF you’re asking for government assistance, you’re asking for other people’s money. So, in actuality you’re actually demanding that the law requires other to help you. That’s theft. I don’t want help or be taxed to help most people.

  19. This WHOLE video is BIG facts and the crazy thing is close to the end of the video I starting thinking about the how America could become like the Hulu show The handmaid and I’m not tryna be little or look down on women but the unnecessary stuff women have to go through

  20. Thank you so much for calling out Jordan Peterson. Thankyou so much for saying women who choose not to procreate should be seen and praised for not going along with cultural expectations. Thankyou.

  21. Your irresponsible sexual conduct can not be a excuse of killing children. If killing is justified for poor economic condition then why people from poor countries are not following USA?

  22. Girl you drove the point in!!! Thank you for saying what I wish I could articulate so beautifully!!!

  23. I'm sorry for valuing human life. I want EVERYONE to have that chance… Not just the ones we decide. (PS. I got adopted when I was fucking 12 so don't give me that shit about foster care being awful)

  24. The solution is simple! Either close your legs or take birth control. Why is you being a slut my problem? Why should I work 80 hours a week to pay a boatload of taxes so that you can be a slutty single mother. Go work and pay for your little munchkin yourself.

  25. I was adopted, and I found my birth mother six years ago. I'm also pretty old – my birth mother was a nurse during the pre-Roe v Wade era. She saw plenty of women really sick from sepsis from botched abortions, and many of them died. I don't know if that scared her into carrying her pregnancy with me to term, but she's pro choice. Pro choice clearly doesn't mean pro abortion.

    And if she'd aborted me, i wouldn't know. I wouldn't be here. The anti abortion arguments are too black & white. The real world is shades of gray.

  26. Isn't there three ways of solving this issue? One legalising abortion two keep it illegal and solving the system and three focus of avoiding pregnancy all together and promitting accessible contraception etc. For men and women? Wouldn't it satisfy the people on both sides who are acc listening and wanting to do the right thing if you did the later?

  27. 2:59 I live in Kentucky and when they passed their new abortion bill, they had a woman who survived an abortion on the committee to try and convince people not to get them. She was all “what if it had worked? I wouldn’t be here” it was so infuriating

  28. The entire focus of this discussion is not "caring for kids vs. not caring for kids", it's about PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and the failure of some women to take ACCOUNTABILITY for their actions.

    I don't have to support abortion because the obvious, and I don't have to support programs for pregnant women because their choice to reproduce is THEIR financial responsibility, not mine.

    "Virtually no social safety net for poor people" is one of the dumbest fucking things ever said, it is the single largest government expense next to the military. WHAT.

    Having a child doesn't equal poverty, BEING A SINGLE MOTHER equals poverty, and many women chose that lifestyle by leaving their man and collecting so much WIC, food stamps, welfare, cash, housing, etc. Or they choose deadbeat men and think having a kid will make them stay. Stop being dumb about being single mothers.

    You can't seem to distinguish between punishing single mothers, and simply holding them accountable for their actions. They chose to sleep with shitty men, or leave good men, they chose to have children before they were ready, THIS. WAS. THEIR. CHOICE.

    Voting to defund social programs is because your life failures should not come out of my paycheck. It's a focus on PERSONAL responsibility, can you understand that? Your life choices are not my responsibility.

    Pro-abortionist literally act like this is the ONLY prevention from unwanted babies and them living shitty lives, every single one of them refuses to acknowledge the fact that being fucking responsible about sex is all you need, but women wanna thot so abortion is their only way out.

  29. You choose who you're fucking. Stop going for the broke ass thugs who would either leave you and/or could barely afford $200-300. Really, it doesn't take that much money, but there are two problems. The collection agency gets reimbursement so they don't take what's necessary they take what's there. Two, most women want child support to cover a lot more than the child's needs. It's called child support. You have over a dozen forms of birth control. Stop being irresponsible whores.

  30. I loved your channel UNTIL I saw this video. I agree that women should be able to “Opt Out” of pregnancy, BUT it should be through contraceptive. Consider getting on the pill once you hit puberty to help prevent you making the choice of murdering a life that is INNOCENT not a punishment. Wake up people!!! Abortion is just a way for the government to control the population and decrease the $$$$$ going towards the well being of people who cannot afford healthcare, formula, etc. etc.etc!!
    Unfortunately MINORITIES are the leading group that receive and SOMETIMES take advantage of these programs. BTW…the whole Woman’s Rights To Her Body is complete BS that you sleeping sheep buy into!! We don’t have the choice of deciding what happens to our body. We have to get immunizations whether we want to or not…hell, in most places you’re employer doesn’t even give you the “RIGHT” to choose if you want a flu shot!! We don’t always have the choice on the foods we eat or the quality of the tap water we drink….not everyone can afford to only eat organically etc!! In spite of these 2 out of a million examples of how we don’t have the right to choose what happens “medically” to our bodies, we still have the right to choose murder over life???
    What a crock!! Yes, abortion is MURDER!! A life is a life from the moment of conception NOT when it starts to look like an actual baby!! You are so right on about soooo many topics and DEAD WRONG about this one. 🥺

  31. i’m so glad T1J (the1janitor) led me to your channel !! i love leftube but i miss more rant type topical videos with quicker turnover and honestly,,,the rage we all feel rn lmao

  32. my mom had an abortion years before me, and supposedly was triplets. good for her. she couldn't even handle 1 good kid. i hate the "what if you were aborted" argument. well, i wouldn't be here to be upset about it, so what if?

  33. Let me introduce to a concept called Federalism. A repeal of Roe v Wade wouldn't preclude any laws passed to keep abortions legal on the state level.

  34. I may be on the other side, but I cannot argue with any of your points. And I often cringe at the others who I may be classified with. The world isn't so black and white.

  35. Although I respect your view on this topic I strongly disagree. A womens choice starts in the bedroom not the womb and I'm a black woman.
    Abortionist today are literally saying it's ok to kill babies all the way to the hospital while giving birth out the womb, which is Murder.
    I get it that people want to have sex at free will in which they can but statistics show that 80% of people use abortions as a form of birth control which teaches no accoutability.
    In addition if people do their homework on this abortions affect perdominatly the black communities over 50%. Statistics show black women abort more babies than born in America which is sad.
    Again I'm not saying women should be forced to have kids but women should make better decisions when it comes to sex to avoid having kids. Women can get a Mirena or another form of birth control and if you cant trust that dont have sex because your choice to kill your kid in the womb regardless of stage should not be a choice.

  36. Late, but I think the "women are NATURALLY drawn to motherhood!1!!" argument kinda misses the nuance between having a nurturing instinct (which ofc is biologically higher in women) and wanting to literally create a child, birth her or him, and then raise them for 18+ years.

    I 100% consider myself to have a nurturing side, in the sense that I like children, I love taking care of animals, gardening etc etc. Does that mean I want to make the irreversible choice to bring a child into a world that is already fucked up and filled with children who need love already? Definitely not. I'm not the only woman who feels this way either

  37. No funding for education, healthcare issues, prison pipeline, child abuse, child trafficking yet we care about children. They care more about fetus then kids already here. It’s about control women in the one area the can’t control

  38. I have never been able to understand how people cannot use condoms and birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

  39. If I had been aborted, I’d either not exist or I’d be in heaven right now, happy, at peace, indulging in glory, instead of here with tooth pain wondering how I’m gonna eat for the next week.

  40. I just came upon one of your videos this early morning A.M.!About Michelle Obama which was AWESOME! So I kept listening..I think YOU are Amazing and my new HEROINE! I hope you don't mind that I tweeted some out….Keep up the Great work!I will be listening..Thank YOU!!!

  41. i freaking love your videos !! It's so rare to see such a well articulated & intelligent youtuber these days

  42. I agree with you!
    I'm from Argentina where people are trying to make abortion legal. Since the begining of the year, at least 3 girls between the ages of 10 to 13 have been forced to birth their rapist child (the law allows abortion in rape cases but they don't care). Kids having kids, the pro-fetus people actually went as far as putting little girls lives in danger so they could be happy and say "we saved a life", mostly people from the church.
    And guess what? The same people who claims to be "loving people in the name of God" are against social programs that help women during pregnancy and babies since they're born up until 18 years. They hate it, they say that they should not pay taxes so other people can have kids, yet they force them to have kids!.
    They keep asking adoption reforms saying that the process is too slow, but the majority of the people only ask for babies, they don't want to adopt kids older than 2-3 years, nor siblings. They don't care about human beings having dignity.

  43. I think that tv shows influence womens’ decision to have a child despite not being ready as well. Often times, the female characters who don’t know what they want in life, are written to keep the baby so that they gain maturity and perspective. I will be surprised if Issa nor Molly from Insecure get pregnant. Both are ripe candidates for this trope if it should happen.

  44. This is totally hypothetical and would likely never happen but imagine all women and I mean all women decided they were'nt fit for mother hood. Humans the only animal on the planet with the desire to kill its own young smh. What's funny to me too is most females just weren't finish being thots and a baby would just get in the way so they abort them with absolutelly no other justification.

  45. If you don't want a child,use condoms or don't have sex… Why is it OK to kill an unborn child but it's illegal when a person that was born into the world is killed??? 😒🙏🙏

  46. They only "care" about human life from conception to birth. After that, we are on our own. It is completely about CONTROL!

  47. Thank you 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 I always say making abortions illegal does not stop abortions it stops accessibility to safe abortions. Women been using pills and coat hangers way before modern medicine came around. To view anti abortion as a solution is to turn our backs on women’s health. Periodt.

  48. As a former foster child, I agree with you 100% I grew up being mentally, physically and sexually abused by my caregivers. Everyone tries to lesson my experience by saying: "That was then, this is now or they did their best!" REALLY!?! I am not supposed to be angry towards these people for treating me so harshly? I am supposed to sit down, shut up and BE GRATEFUL!!! I am grateful because discipline was so harsh it kept me on the straight and narrow, but made me emotionally needy. That I was basically made homeless when I aged out of the system is something no one wants to speak about nor that after a row with my foster mother, I wasn't really welcomed in her house, but just tolerated. Thank God for college: I had a roof over my head, sorority sisters who loved me and the various programs kept me employed during the summers, so that going home was more of a pit stop! I am one of the lucky ones, earning a PhD and getting to travel the world. However, there are many fosters who grew up in a system that didn't care about them who have suffered mentally, physical and materially! I totally agree with you: where is the church, where are the safety programs, etc? This is about power because as most people know: the fewer the kids one has the more likely one is to step out of poverty! You are 100% And guess what? The US is slowly waking up to these realities and understanding how our leaders who don't look like us nor actually care about us use poverty to continue to enslave not only us, but all people who can't pay for those extras in life. Please remember abortion's strongest objectors are also the same people who have allowed their wives, daughters and mistresses to go overseas or to the next state to get an abortion! Let that sink in!

  49. Damn someone finally said it…on the other hand the birth rate actually fell down (cant blame the millennials w/ how difficult everything is) and if it lowers enough the govt will scramble to incentivise childbirth by giving maternity leave

  50. I dont wanna seem unsympathetic but why is it the states responsbility to look after you and your children?

    I mean its one thing to be able to afford children, have children and then have something happen which means you can no longer afford to care for that child. This deserves support from the state.

    But what youre defending and advocating for is to allow bunch of ghetto cum dumpsters to get pregnant every 5 seconds and then either have someone else pay to have an abortion or have someone else pay to look after the child. This doesnt deserve support from the state.

    Now the men are just as much to blame as the women but the simple fact remains that dumber you are the more likely you are to have kids you cant afford, dont want and who have a equally dumbass daddy who dont give a shit about them.

  51. I was ostracized for my decision not to have children. I started a single parent ministry got only 2 people to support. Like have several seats with that guilting women to have children. There are too many throwaway babies especially in the black community.

  52. Women have to close the doors to their wombs until they have a ring. The men will then be pissed because they won't have their "free" sex anymore. They will do more raping and the women will again be blamed.

  53. This is a really sad video and it shows the lack of love and selflessness we all are suppose to have. I think it is really pathetic to tell a women the best thing she can do for herself is kill her own child. If that's the only way she can make it, then hey we must be the weakest gender of all. Because only the weak kill to gain success.

  54. This is exactly why women need to stop being told that they are like men and can sleep around with anyone, anywhere, anytime, as if there is no consequence. Women know that each time they allow a man's sperm into them, there is a CHANCE they could get pregnant. So then they need to BE SELECTIVE with who they sleep with because they're the ones that have to carry the baby and be harshly judged.


  56. i care so much about women and babies that i kill neither of them. i support humanity for all humans, not just those working toward their associates degree!

  57. You seemingly have no understanding that abortion was meant for minorities. They don't care if shaquita or Maria abort their babies. The pushback is for the white woman because they are literally going extinct. You think that all of the alternative ways they've come up with to repopulate had anything to do with helping anybody else besides their infertile women. Free your mind from The narrative you've been sold.

  58. WOW!!! A black woman under white supremacy rule is an advocate for the genocidal practice of abortion. Your views help the narrative of the elites to exterminate 90% of the world population. If you think they are going to spare you, think again….. you know the founder of planned parenthood, the MONSTER Margret Sanger plan was to exterminate as many "undesirables" as science could muster… the undesirables were classified as "melaniated"

  59. this video is so amazing, you're so good at putting into words so many important topics and valid points, i respect you so much and your work is incredible

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