Yoga exercises workout (Fast Result)|Strong will power, core strength, stamina, healthy body, brain

Ancient healers and yogis of old time has
always paid special attention on keeping the navel point balanced, which is another secret to enjoy long and happy life. And today will explore one of the special
yogic technique used by them , that in modern time will help us all to fight against the
odds of the stressful modern lifestyle and enjoy good health. I will discuss that secret technique and it’s benefits. Best thing is it’s simple and takes less
time. The key to get faster results is the consistency
in practice and the right attitude. If you have not seen my previous video on
correct way to breathe, then you pause the video and check out that video first. You will find the link down in the description
box. If you have already seen that video then let’s
get started. Ancient yogis always worked on developing
various techniques that can help them to develop the sensitivity to energy flow safely. Taking their awareness to most subtle level and keep it stable there for long time, in such a way that it gets well integrated into
their personality. In order to do all this they discovered that
the navel center has to be really strong. It is must to keep navel center strong. The energy emanations from the body including
light, heat, sound, electromagnetic vibrations, emotions, contributes to overall general health. There are many areas of energy concentration
in the aura. Where each area coordinates different physical and mental functions. The navel chakra or energy center near the bellybutton is important to keep oneself fit in all demanding situations. This cortex of energy has energy channels
which spread out to entire body, covering every area of the body. It is the coordinating point for over 72,000
main energy channels. a person with a strong navel point will have endurance, strong will, and a well-balanced physical body. The navel point act as an energy reservoir,
which store and regulate the energy. Along with the technique which I am going
to share it is important to understand the right movement of the navel point when you inhale and exhale. That is why I told you to watch breathe correctly. As, it covered the essentials of the right
way to energize and channelize that prana or energy in to the body. This yoga exercise will help to adjust the
navel point and helps to bring balance and calmness in your life. If you often feel emotional and angry, then
after doing this practice you will experience calmness. For additional benefits, do this yoga exercise
before or at sunrise, as that is the best time to do your yoga practice, which helps
to set your entire body systems for the day. Else you can do this yoga exercise at any
time, when you find time. Let’s begin
We will start in a standing position with knees and heels together. Feet lying flat on the ground. Heels together, toes angling out to the sides
for balance. Slowly raise both the arms up overhead, close to the ears with the palms facing forward. The thumbs can be locked together. Bend from the base of the spine at 20 degree angle. Your head, back, spine, and arms forming an unbroken curve. Make sure your arm remains in line with the ears. Hold the posture. Keep your neck relaxed. Keep breathing long, deep and gentle. Continue for 2 minutes. From this position, very slowly bend forward to the maximum extent keeping the arms straight and close to the ears. Inhale and hold your breath in as long as
possible, pump the navel point. Then exhale and hold your breath start pumping
your navel point in and out for as long as you feel comfortable. And repeat this entire process for about 2
minutes. So, once again when you your body is in standing
forward bend position then you are inhaling and holding the breath then pumping your navel
point. For as long as you feel comfortable, then
you exhale and hold your breath, again pump the navel point in and out for as long as
you can. Repeat this again for another 2 minute. Then slowly come out of the posture and relax. Experiencing the effect of this practice on
yourself. Every time you do, there will be unique experience. Don’t forget to comment down below your
experiences or what topics you want me to cover in the next video. I hope you like this video, hit that like
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  1. How to get rid of lazyness…?
    Now a days i studied around 6-8 hrs and I want to increase my study time but at the end of the day I feel like lazy… Make video if possible…
    Thanks for sharing ur knowledge…

  2. ur wrk is realy appreciable…this is wht our country need to revive…this is real yoga wid all real breathing techniques bcoz yoga 's grthness lies in its breathing techniques ..thnk u

  3. Subtitles are already uploaded. Click and enable the captions. Do like, and share the videos . Comment down below the topics you want to see in the future videos. Lots of love and smile more. Namaste <3<3 Jyoti

  4. I love you mam you are looking so beautiful I want you I see your all video but real thing is I want to see you so I watch your video

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