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– Hey everyone,
welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is Benji and today we have another
yoga for runners for you. So this one’s gonna help you
slowly build stamina and help you feel good not just in your
body but in your mind as well. So hop on the mat
and let’s get started. (bright music) Alrighty pals,
let’s begin standing today. Feet a little bit
wider than hip width apart. And I just wanna
congratulate you, commend you, give you a virtual
hug for taking the time to do this in addition to
your running practice, your running routine. I think this is really important
and hopefully you can find what feels good here today whether
it’s in the body or just finding some quiet time
to be still which we’ll do at the
end of the practice. So important that we do these
things in conjunction with our other practices so that we can
feel awesome and balanced and so that we can continue on. Alright, so Benji’s tired. He already did his run.
He’s takin’ a break. Let’s go ahead
and bend the knees. We’re gonna send the hips back. Thighs are strong here so engage
and hands are gonna come right to the thigh bone. Then inhale in, as you exhale
you’re going to slowly sink back a little deeper into a squat. And as much as you can,
try to resist this collapse of the shoulders so you’re
gonna keep nice and long. Excellent. Then we’re going
to turn the right toes out, turn the left toes out and then slowly dip the
left shoulder into center. Keep all four corners the feet
rooted and turn your gaze to look past your right shoulder. You should feel an awesome opening in the left
inner thigh, the left groin. We’re, of course,
getting the hips opened by sending them way back. Knees are
stacked over the ankles. We’re breathing deep here. Spreading the sit
bones left to right. Getting a nice
twist in the thoracic. And the upper and
lower back body as well. Great, slowly
come back to center. You’re going gonna go
right into the other side. So if your legs are tired you
can take a rest in between but otherwise we’ll dip the
right shoulder to center. Same thing here. Breathing. Opening up
through the right groin. Really seeing if you can use
your breath to expand through all four sides
of the torso here. Love it. Inhale,
lengthen through the crown. Maybe turn to look
past your left shoulder a little more and then exhale. Let’s slowly come up. We’ll straighten the legs. We’re gonna turn the heels out
from here so you can keep the toes exactly where they are. And we’re gonna bring the hands
either to the heart or to the waistline so just
whatever you prefer. And from here we’re
going to lift the chest. Take a deep breath in, ground
through the feet and then you’re gonna gently, you’re not gonna
create tension but just squeeze the glutes in, hug them in just
a bit so you’re nice and engaged kind of lighting up the core. Fabulous.
Inhale in. Exhale, send
the sits bones back. Peel, think of your hip
creases really peeling back as you look forward. Nice flat back position here. Again, hands can be on
waistline or hands at heart. Nice and easy. Lengthening through the
entire hamstring muscle here. Deep breath in. Exhale to come back up. Use your core, your center. Good, twice more like that. Inhale in. Exhale. Nice and easy, looking forward. Flat back position.
Just do your best. Alright, digging into
the heels to come back up. Reconnect with your breath and
we’ll do that one more time. Strong in the legs so lift
your kneecaps just a bit here. Peel the hip creases back. Beautiful, we’re kind
of imagining the femur, the top of the thigh bone kind
of hugging in as you send your hip creases back. Awesome and then option for this
round to release the fingertips down if it’s available to you. And you can even release the
weight of the head down and clasp the elbows. So an incredible and most therapeutic practice, standing wide-legged
Forward Fold. Wherever you are
take one more breath. And then use your exhale and
that connection to center to slowly come back up
through flat back position. And all the way
back to standing. Great, let your fingertips
slowly drape just down right at your side body. Feel the blood
flow opposite direction. Inhale, squeeze the
shoulders of the ears. Exhale, drop them down.
(sighs) Twice more like that.
Inhale, squeeze and lift. Exhale, drop it down.
(sighs) Relaxing any
tension in the traps, the shoulders that
might have collected there. One more time, inhale. And exhale to drop it.
(sighs) Beautiful. From here you can keep
the toes where they are, hands can come to the waistline. We’re gonna draw
just the heels in again. Beautiful then inhale in. Big power pose here. Exhale, you’re gonna
bend just your right knee. Just the right knee. Great. Now the bum is gonna want to
come out here so try to keep the tailbone lengthening down. You’re going to really feel this
in the hip socket hopefully. Hands on the waistline. Beautiful, then straighten and
the right leg and you’re going to take it over to the left. Nice and easy. Left knee’s tracking left toes. Again, center bum typically is
gonna want to come out here so lengthen tailbone down and
lift up through the front body. So maybe we create this collapse
when we’re running we want to really train the body re-pattern to stack our spine in a way that will allow us to be the most
efficient in our movement. And when we’re moving
efficiently then we’re able to create a more sustainable
practice which we’ll be able to grow which we’ll be able to get
so many benefits physically but also mentally from.
Okay, straighten that leg. We’re gonna do that
one more time on each side but with the breath.
So inhale in. Exhale, bend your right knee. Sink low. Inhale in to center. Dig into the heels. Exhale, bend your
left knee, sink low. So I’m really lengthening
tailbone down here. Okay, cool. Rise up, keep the
right toes where they are. You’re just gonna turn
the left toes all the way in. And then, let’s actually
hug the right heel in just a bit for a Pyramid Pose. So you’re gonna pull
the right hip crease back. Inhale in, hand on
waistline or Namaste, Anjuli Mudra at the heart. And you’re just gonna
take the halfway lift again. Pulling the right hip crease
back, looking forward. Shoulders are gonna
want to collapse here so keep it nice and open. Inhale in. Exhale out. Inhale in again. If it’s in your
body and it feels right, exhale, release the
fingertips to the earth. Good, then everyone
inhale to find expansion. Exhale to make your
way all the back up. Nice and slow
and we’ll reverse it. So we’ll turn the
right toes in, left toes out. Pull the left hip crease in. Find that lengthening
down through the back body. Shoulders melt down the back. Shoulder blades, ‘scuse me,
melt down the back, heart lifts, inhale. Exhale, take it away. Breathing deep. Keeping the shoulders back. And then if it’s in your
practice or if it feels right in your body maybe releasing
the fingertips down for your final cycle of breath. Beautiful, inhale in. Exhale to slowly
make your way back up. Awesome, we’ll bring the
feet back underneath the hips. Take a deep breath in. And a long breath out. Awesome. From here
we’re gonna cross the right ankle over the left. Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, take it down. Touch the toes. Beautiful, hang here
for a cycle breath in. And out. And then we’ll slowly
inhale reach for the sky. Connect to your center. You’re gonna step it
back to hip width apart. And then right back into the
other side so cross the left leg over the right and when you’re
ready take the fingertips down reaching towards the toes. Don’t worry if you
can’t get there right away. That’s what we’re working on.
That’s what we’re here to do. Take a cycle of breath here in. And out. Alright, now we’re gonna sync
that to a little breath here so you’ll inhale reach for the sky. Go hip width apart. We call this Volcano Pose. Full body awareness. Exhale, cross
the right foot over, reach down towards the toes. Inhale, rise up. Ground through the feet. Exhale, fold. Left leg crosses over. Reaching towards the toes. Inhale, rise up. Exhale, cross and fold over. Inhale, rise up. Cross and fold over. And then one more time, just
with the sound of your breath. You got it. Beautiful, inhale,
reach the fingertips up high. Feet hip width apart,
Mountain Pose. Exhale, hands come to heart. Alright, from here zip the
legs together, really together. And nice and easy,
inhale reach for the sky. Exhale, another
Forward Fold this time with the feet together. And then from here you’re gonna
open your feet up as wide as your yoga mat or,
if you’re not on a mat, just a little bit wider than hip
width apart and let your toes point out, fall off the mat. Hi Benji. And nice and slow, shake it! You’re going to drop your center
down and we’re gonna come into a nice low squat. Now really
deepen your breath here. If you need to lift
the heels here, please do. If you need to use
your hands full palm or fingertips on the earth,
please do. If it’s available,
you might work to bring the palms together here. Big opening in the chest. No matter what variation
you’re taking dropping the shoulder blades again. Allowing them
to melt down, down, down the back body. Take one big breath here. And then exhale to release. You’re going to come forward
onto all fours nice and easy. So you can center
yourself on the mat. Let’s rinse it out with
a little spinal flexion. So inhale, drop the belly,
open the chest. Exhale, round through. Inhale, drop the belly,
open your heart. And sharp exhale as you
round through the spine. Good, inhale to a
nice neutral spine, Tabletop Position, and from here
you’re gonna curl the right toes under, send the right leg
all the way out and then just draw a semicircle with your
right toes all the way towards the left side of the mat. And then take your gaze
to look at your right foot. Should feel awesome. Press into both
palms evenly and, best you can, really
press away from your yoga mat. Getting a beautiful
stretch in the right side body. Breathing into
that right IT band, the front of the right
of crease, the psoas. Take one more breath.
You got it. All the way into the right neck. Yes, and then exhale,
slowly bring it back. Tabletop. Curl the left
toes under this time. Kick it out
whenever you’re ready. Then we’ll draw a
semicircle all the way around to the right side of the mat. Take your gaze, your nose and
look at your left foot and feel that awesome opening and
release in the left waist. Drawing a line from
the left heel all the way to the left side of the neck. Great, slowly bring it back in. You’re going to drop the
elbows now where the hands were. And yogi’s choice, you can
interlaced the fingertips here or you can keep the palms
rooted down for a forearm plank. Alright, so when you’re
ready kick both legs out. Shoulders are
over the elbows here. Neck is nice and long. Turning on the core just for
a little lower back support. We’re not going to be here long. So press away
from your yoga mat. Building strength
and stamina here. You can do some hip dips
if you want a little extra. Dipping left hip down,
right hip down. Otherwise just keep it nice,
beautiful, aware. Static hold. We’re here for ten. Nine. You got it. Eight, gaze straight down. Seven, six. Reach the heels back, five. Breathe deep, four. Three, two, on the one
slowly lower your knees. Keep your elbows where they are. Release the fingertips if they
were interlaced and you’re going to walk the hips back,
walk the knees back. Puppy Posture. Start to open up to
the shoulder girdle. Feel a release
through the rib cage. Obviously great
stretch in the back. Hips up high. Keep your toes, the tops of your
feet kissing down on the earth. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Great. Then slowly
dig into the elbows. You’re gonna slide through
all the way to a Sphinx Pose. Inhale to open the chest. And then exhale, you’re
gonna bring your right elbow in towards the center of your mat. We’re gonna bend the left knee
and we’re going to reach back for a nice big quad stretch. So try not to collapse
into your right shoulder here. You can work to
slowly get that right, excuse me, left heel towards
your left glute but obviously if it’s not there yet, no worries. We’ll just do our best. You can even grab
your pant leg or imagine. (giggles) Breathe, breathe, breathe. When you’re ready, slow
and with control release. We’ll switch to the other side. Bring the left elbow
into the center line. Bend your right knee,
reach behind. Notice if this one’s
a little bit different. Just take your time. In time you can hook that
elbow over the toes maybe if the quads are really tight. No toxic thoughts. Be kind to yourself,
that’s why you’re here. Hey buddy, no. And then, again,
with control releasing. Slowly bringing a hands
back underneath the shoulders. We’re gonna press back up and we’re to come
all the way through. Swing the legs to one side
and come to lie on your back. Excellent. When you
get there, bend the knees. Bring the feet to the ground,
we’re gonna kick the right foot up and we’re gonna cross the
right ankle over the left thigh. Thread the needle here. You can grab and interlace
behind the left thigh here. I prefer that over the shin
because it kind of hyperextends the knee and if you’ve
already done a lot of activity, I think this is better. So maybe interlace
behind the left hamstring. And then squeezing the
legs up towards the chest. Option to extend the
left leg if you like. A little extra
hamstring lengthen here. Maybe option to rock
a little side to side. Now again, close your eyes here and Just breathe
into the sensation. And then from here, slowly
release your left foot down. Keep your right foot going over
your left leg so you’re gonna cross it over your left leg and
we’re gonna shift the hips to the right side of the mat and
allow the weight of the legs to continue their
journey down to the ground. You should feel and
amazing lower lumbar twist here. You can open up
to the right side. You can keep your hands
resting gently on your rib cage. Whatever feels good.
Bring the breath. A little lower back love. And then slowly go
ahead and release that. We’ll bring the
right foot to the ground. Kick the left foot up high, cross it over the
top of your right thigh. Same thing here. When you’re ready
thread the needle, lift the legs up. Breathing, breathing, breathing
as you squeeze your legs in. You can extend the right leg or
we can rock gently side to side. Or both. And then allowing the right
foot to come to the earth. Cross the left
leg over the right. We’ll shift the hips,
active shift, over towards the left side of
the mat and when you’re ready continue the journey
into this nice twist. Find what feels good here. These are the last few beats of
our practice so really just take some time here to
be with the sensation. And then we’ll
slowly begin to unravel. Release. We’re gonna just take a second here to windshield
wiper the legs. Just finding a little
internal rotation in the hip. Just take your knees to
one side and then the other. Okay, good. And then
we’ll come to one side. We’re gonna press up slowly. Come into our meditation seat. Just a second to
get our minds right. To find stillness. You know,
our running practice is so much about our
mental headspace. It only makes sense to me that
our cool down or the practices that we do to make sure our routines stay strong. Get strong and stay safe. It only makes sense to me that
they also incorporate a little nourishment for the mind. So as you’re ready, come
into a nice comfortable seat. You can allow your hands to just fall wherever
they naturally did. Just nice and intentional. And sit up nice and tall. Close your eyes and be still. And we’ll finish
with three deep breaths. Inhaling in through the nose. And as you’re ready, exhaling
out through the nose or mouth. Inhale in. And exhale out. And one final breath, inhale in. Nice and easy as you exhale out. Beautiful. Gently bring the
palms together at the heart. Even if you just found a tiny
bit of calm here at the end, relish in it,
embrace it and give thanks. Love you guys.
Way to show up today. Take good care. We’ll finish by
bowing head to heart. One final stretch of the neck. A reverent bow. Namaste. (bright music)

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