Yoga For Strength & Flexibility ♥ Intermediate Yoga Class | Cusco

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  1. You’re such a beautiful soul! Thank you for this practice Juliana!!!! It was truly amazing!
    Love and light!!!

  2. I'd love to do a practice WITH my guy (he wants to see another guy doing that with a woman – he thinks it's not a "guy thing"). Sigh, lol!. Do you ever do a practice together? That would be awesome to see, hear, and follow.

  3. All ur videos r amazing…the the places u choose are awesome…it makes me feel positive n active through out the day.. thank u soooo much…Lots of Love 🖤🖤🖤

  4. Hi Juliana! I love your channel! Could you recommend a video that would be good for a postpartum workout? I used to do many of your workouts before my pregnancy, but I had stopped them 10 month ago when I started prenatal yoga and pilates. I'm 2 month postpartum, I'm healthy and quite in a good shape (walk and rock a lot…), however I'd like to get back my flexibility and lean abs, but I need to be patient and do this smartly, step by step.
    Many thanks

  5. You guys are just amazing Juliana and Mark. I am so grateful for you and your videos feeds my body and soul. Sending lots of love and light back

  6. Your videos are awesome, i don't want them to finish!! It'll be gorgeous if you could post more 30 minute videos for intermediate-advanced levels. Thank you very much! Best yoga channel ever !!

  7. Hello Juliane! These videos from Peru are ones of the best … I simply adore, and this set is wonderful <3 Thank you from the bottom of my heart :*

  8. Hello GUYS! thank you so much for such an productive, positive, amazing chanel that helps people to develop themselves. I have paid an attention this video and many others were done in Peru. Have you an experience with Ayahuaska? if yes I would love to get some information and perhaps guidance.. Thank you so much for your work. God bless you. [email protected]

  9. I love it when it's a full body workout and I feel that its working on flexibility + strength for the whole body and not just specific parts.

  10. I saw a field atop a mountain with a farmhouse and silo when you said the third eye chacra – thank you

  11. In gratitude! Just wondering if you might consider, for your “slightly older followers” a slower pace. Not easier just slower. Thank you so much!

  12. I am a very flexible person but for some reason I have the most trouble keeping my hips square during certain postures (ex: standing split & triangle pose). I may be what you call "bow legged" but I feel like there has to be a way I can train my hips to hold a different position. Any tips?

  13. Whenever I feel some kind of "resistance" starting my yoga practice with one of your videos, I know I am really stressed! I usually come out a different, grounded person at the end….Thank you for sharing these amazing and healing practices! Namaste.

  14. Thank you for everything. Every morning, I do your practice, it is my morning miracle. May you be happy 🙂

  15. This yoga flow was perfect, really what I needed to release my mind and body after a troublesome last couple weeks. <3

  16. A good workout, thanks.
    My 5 year-old son came in and joined me today for the last 5 minutes, said it was hard.
    I'm a beginner myself, so yes.

  17. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures and practice. I am not quite able to do all of these poses, but I am working towards my goals. Very well done video!

  18. Yoga has played such an important role in my life…. and your videos have been so helpful.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you

  19. Every Single One Has the Perfect Intensity and Flexibility I need. Lol.. So look for me to pretty much Thank You Consistently! Another Awesome Video! So Very Grateful ♡ Peace and Love ♡ Tauney

  20. This practice was as good as a therapy session! I feel so revived and clear. Love love love Boho Beautiful and everything you do! Watching your videos/yoga practices daily reminds me that there is light in this world and it inspires me to spread love and light everyday too. LOVE YOU GUYS!! <3

  21. Do y’all have a suggestion for a substitute for standing split posture? I’m nowhere close to getting straight vertical, so I wonder if it’s good to do

  22. I love your routines but maybe you could include inexperienced people in your videos . It is a bit intimidating to the first timer

  23. Your videos are honestly my life saviours. They make me feels amazing physically and spiritually. You're so amazing and your flows are so natural and beautiful challenging. Thank you <3

  24. Wow this was challenging! You're so good that I want to cry ! 😫😭 I'm going to keep practising your videos and purchase your yoga/Pilates courses! I really hope I get to your level one day😂

  25. Your channel fills me with so much joy and each video allows me to challenge myself in a healthy way that feels beautiful, thank you so much!

  26. Every body is different. Not all bodies are made for a 180 degree standing plit, even after years of practicing. Be patient and loving, there is not one right way to do it. Namaste <3

  27. This was the perfect combo for me, not to much and not to easy. Six months pregnant the twisted chair is getting harder. Enjoy your vacation in monklife. Love and light to you.

  28. Thank you for this session, my legs have been very tight from all the walking on my travels, and decided to take some time for myself and remember how much I loved your classes on my previous travels. After this session my flexibility is almost restored. Really appreciate it🌻

  29. What are you drinking Juliana – it's not coffee is it? (just teasing!) The standing split is hard but along with all the rest of these classess – we improve!!Let the body sort it out slowly.

  30. Love you , love you, love you. That is all. ❤ Namaste and everyone reading this have a beautiful day.

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