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hi everyone welcome to you Rachel pichler yoga my name is Rachel if you have been following along with me last week
we were pretty specific in our yoga for strength workouts targeting certain
areas of the body so I thought today to start off the week we could just do an
overall full-body yoga for strength practice so I think that sounds good I
hope it sounds good to you too you find a little bit of space to move let’s get
started and just subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already okay guys let’s start in child’s pose so
find your way onto your knees bring them out nice and wide sit back on your heels
and then just drop that forehead all the way down to the mat reaching your arms
above your head and resting your cheek or your forehead on the mat and right
from the start of a practice today I just want you to notice how you’re
breathing right now without changing anything just notice and I breathing
really slow and deep am i kind of taking some short shallow breath
are you breathing through your nose are you breathing through your mouth and
then just again without changing anything just kind of note to yourself
how you are breathing and if it feels good or if you think that maybe if you
change it a little bit you could feel even better so depending on how your
breath does feel you can always stay you can keep it as it is but if you want to
maybe maybe feel a little bit more you could start to deepen that breath take
some nice big inhale through your nose exhale through your nose one more inhale
and exhale nice you guys let’s slowly start to lift on up finding your
tabletop so bring your wrists in or your hands I guess and your knees are gonna
come in as well tuck your toes under take a big inhale and exhale lift it up
downward facing dog awesome work you guys so we’re gonna be
building strength through the entire body today the legs the shoulders the
core the back everywhere it’s gonna be great
so bring your feet about hip-width apart and send those hips nice and high look
at your fingers for a second and make sure you’re still spreading those
fingers nice and wide as you inhale we’re just gonna shift our weight
forward and come into a high plank if your shoulders come past the wrist
that’s completely fine if it feels good as you exhale send it back inhale shift
the weight forward find your plank and exhale send it back one more inhale high
plank exhale downward facing dog inhale look between your hands and exhale
Walker step to the top of your mat inhale lifting halfway up exhales you
fold inhale halfway again exhale fold back down take your left foot and step
it to the back of your mat setting up a lunch so if you need to wiggle that
front foot a little bit you can from here in the lunge you can drop your back
knee or keep it lifted up to you and if you want to lift that chest all the way
up go for it take your arms out to the sides though and that elbows like cactus
arms and then just try and open up your chest lift that chin from the collar
bones for the fingertips wide take another big breath in and exhale drop
your hands down and step your front foot all the way back into down dog we’re
gonna bring our feet together inhale your right foot up into the air and hold
it here for a moment three-legged dog nice work you guys
finding length through that leg that’s lifted flex your foot if you can point
those toes straight down to the floor stay for an inhale and exhale lower that
right foot down next to the left inhale look between your hands exhale walk step
or jump to the top inhale halfway exhale fold inhale halfway lift again exhale
fold plant your hands take your right foot all the way to the back of your mat
set up your lunch from your knee or stay on that foot and then lift the chest if
you’d like to whenever you’re ready reach those arms out pull those
shoulders back open it up breathe one more inhale and exhale drop your hand
step your front foot back down dog feet together inhale the left foot up
three-legged dog awesome work you guys feel that breath
lengthen those legs off in there shoulders everything take one more
inhale exhale lower that left foot down next to the right one all right
so your feet are together right now and you’re trying to push your shoulders and
your chest back towards your feet we’re gonna bend the knees so maybe your
stomach can actually touch your thighs you’re still pushing your shoulders back
but you’re just hovering your knees squeeze your knees together
downward dog kinda but your knees are really bent use an inhale lengthen your
legs that should feel really good and then exhale bend the knees again try and
touch your chest to them nice you guys inhale lengthen those legs and exhale
we’re gonna bring our knees all the way down onto the mat sit on your heels
bring your arms to your sides and drop your forehead down just a nice short
quick Child’s Pose unless you need to be here a little bit longer you can do that
awesome work you guys coming forward we’re gonna find our forearms so stay in
Child’s Pose a little longer if you need it so we’re gonna come into a forearm
plank so I did this in my class last night and everybody loved it
I think we’ve done this before once but forearm plank you can do this from your
knees or from your toes but you’re just gonna kind of drop that right hip to
this side and you’re twisting so you’re staying on both of your forearms but
you’re dropping that right hip towards the floor
it is not coming all the way down and your chest in a twist and a forearm
twist huh and your obliques are screaming at you and it’s so good you’re
gonna lift those hips back up and then roll over to the left side so either
than me or the foot keep both forearms down whoo-hoo these are really hard I
love them though using inhale lift yourself back up if you can climb back
up onto your hands you can and then push yourself back into downward dog we’re
gonna meet and downward facing dog so take your time get there breathe
beautiful you guys with your next inhale look between your hands exhale walk step
or jump to the top inhale halfway exhales you fold inhale halfway again
exhale take your back foot step it all the way back and then drop that heel as
well so you inhale lift your chest Bend into that front knee sink into that
front knee take your arms out to the sides make those cactus arms and then
open up the chest lift the chin bend a little more into that front knee breathe
warrior one some job take one more inhale and exhale drop your hands down
spin that back heel up so you’re on the ball of your foot and then step that
front foot back and find your way into a plank
as you exhale that’s lower halfway chaturanga or all the way down inhale
lift your chest Cobra or updog and exhale downward facing dog
nice work you guys breathe so good all right with your next
inhale look between your hands exhale walk or step or jump to the top of your
mat and inhale halfway exhale as you fold inhale halfway again exhale plant
your hands take your right foot and step it all the way back drop your heel down
and then inhale start to lift the upper body or your one belly button shining
forward if you can reach your arms out open that chest and then sink into that
front knee nice job you guys so strong through those legs and those arms and
shoulders let’s take another inhale exhale drop your hands down step your
front foot all the way back into your plank as you exhale lower inhale up dog
or Cobra exhale downward facing dog awesome work you guys take one more
inhale and exhale lower your knees all the way down and let’s have a seat so
you can bring your legs out in front mm-hmm all the way out in front actually
you know how I was gonna turn but I think I’m gonna stay this way so we’re
gonna play around with a little bit of boat pose so start to lean back taking
some weight out of the toes if you can but maybe your toes never ever leave the
floor that’s cool too so we’re gonna hang on to the back of the legs or the
shins or wherever and if you want to start to lift the feet even higher you
can let’s all take this time to just slow down the breath I hope that you
guys are getting su a day just like me it’s hot in here so roll those shoulders
back if you want to let go of your legs you can do that too squeeze the core
okay we’re gonna lower and we’re gonna try and touch our low back to the mat
once it does crunch it back up so lower yourself and crunch it up we whoo-hoo
lower touch that low back and crunch it up one more lower down and
get up hold that boat pose reset if you need to grab on grab on pull those
shoulders back and then breathe nice three key guys slowly slowly we’re gonna
lower ourselves all the way down so bring that low back down drop the feet
and then the shoulders and the beautiful you guys can walk your feet in walk your
feet all the way in and then let’s use an inhale and lift the hips up nice and
high for bridge pose walk those shoulders in a little bit yeah I’m just
kind of relaxed but still feeling the work in the lower body here so I want
you to squeeze your gluts really squeeze your glutes push into your heels and
drive your belly button in nice job you guys just a few more breath here if
you’re forgetting to squeeze those glutes squeeze them a little more the
harder you squeeze and more you’re feeling the more your butt will like you
and I see you guys take one more inhale and exhale gently place those hips back
down onto the mat do a little windshield wiper movement rock your knees side to
side start to relax a little bit slow down close your eyes feel the breath and
bring that heart rate back down nice work you guys can’t take your left foot
cross it over top of the right knee and lift your right foot up into the air
just a little short reclined pigeon take another breath here and then you
can switch sides off the right foot uncross the legs
switch sides awesome work you guys
release your legs down onto the mat extend your legs out nice and long and
then we’re just gonna pick our head up and our shoulders out and look at our
feet and you’re just gonna start to reach for your toes drawing your belly
button in feeling a little crunch a little half
crunch nice you guys lift those shoulders a little more take another
inhale and exhale lower your shoulders lower your head down if you want to
shake your hip side to side a little bit you can but just bring your arms out to
you – oh to the side either side of you cactus arms keeping everything else as
it is hmm let’s take one more inhale nice big exhale nice you guys you can
start to move your arms back into your sides flipping those palms to face up
and just taking a nice short sweet shavasana letting your body be nice and
heavy on mats the shoulders just melt fingers soften you continue to bring down the heart
rate as you slow the breath awesome job today you guys have a great rest of your
day and until we meet again namaste

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  1. You guys this is the last week of Yoga For Strength. Enjoy this full body yoga flow and be sure to let me know what you thought in the comments below!

  2. Rachel I just saw you joined our community and wanted to stop by. Just did this last night and it was challenging especially on the core. Great video and thank you f

  3. I joined this session with you in my office while I paused my work this morning. I feel so much better and focused. Thank you.

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