Yoga for Strength | Weight Loss & Toning | Joints – Wrists & Ankles

hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel today we are gonna be strengthening our wrists and
our ankles so I’ve tried these moves these exercises with my in studio class
and went over pretty good so I wanted to share these moves with you guys as well
I do suggest grabbing a block or a book or even a wall could actually work for
this class so just a suggestion not a requirement so if you can grab something
go ahead but if not let’s find a little bit of space to move and get started all right so we’re gonna start on our
hands and knees so move your block or if you do have a prop you can use just to
the top of your mat and come on to your hands and knees so we’ll use it in a
little bit so tabletop position spread those fingers nice and wide bring your
knees in so that they’re underneath your hips and I want you nice and balanced so
all we’re gonna do here is start to shift the body weight forwards bringing
those shoulders past the wrist maybe the fingertips and then shift it back and
we’re just gonna keep doing a little rocking movement forwards and backwards
just nice and gentle warming up a little bit stretching before we start to move
along nice you guys so just do another rock forwards again you can bring little
shoulders as far forwards pass those fingertips as they want to go just push
your palms into the mat and then pull them back one more push those palms and
then send them back awesome you guys alright take the top of your hand now
and just bring them to the mat just a quick counter stretch for the wrists if
you’d rather sit you could just simply just pull your hand towards you with
your arm out nice and straight all right but we’re gonna bring our hands back
down onto the mat so whenever you feel good you can continue to give yourself a
nice little wrist massage if you’d like but finding your way back into your
tabletop when you’re ready and then we’re just gonna lift the balls of the
hands the palms off the floor and then drop them back down lift them up just a
little bit push the mounds of the fingers into the mat and then drop them
back down so you might be feeling kind of like a nice stretch of the palms
maybe even into the fingers but you’re strengthening your wrist at the same
time so good it’s a few more here push the finger bounds so just the ends of
the fingers into the mats lift the rest of the palm and then you
might even start to feel this up into the forearms let’s do three more three
more two more if you can if you can and then one last one perfect nice you guys
alright sit on your heels shake it out a little bit shake it out a little bit if
you want to do the counter stretch you can do the counter stretch I’m just
going to bring my hands to the mat just takes it a little bit deeper and then
we’re gonna come on up into downward facing dog so bring your hands back down
tuck your toes lift your hips up downward dog use an inhale look between
your hands and exhale we’re gonna walk our feet all the way up to the top of
the mat alright so you can have your feet together or hip width apart up to
you but I want that block underneath your hands however if you can fold and
you can plant your hands on the floor you can just use it use the floor but
I’m gonna use the block for for now so we’re gonna be lifting our heels off the
mat so push into the balls of the feet lift the heels as high as you can they
might be just slightly off the mat they might be really high off the mat
wherever you can get them then we’re just gonna find our balance so we’re
kind of cheating we’re using our hands to support us but that’s completely fine
let your head be nice and heavy so if you’re looking to your block right now
like I am or your hands look to your knees bring as much length into the back
of the neck as you can keep those heels lifted if you ever need to bring them
down though you bring them down but you’re gonna create a lot of heat to let
a fire a lot of strength through those ankles with those heels lifted nice you
guys take one more inhale and exhale lower your heels down inhale start to
lift your upper body half way up exhale fold forward inhale lift
halfway against our heels are down exhale as you fold okay reset plant your
hands either on the floor or on your block or your book or maybe you’re using
the wall but lift the heels up lift this lift and then settle in for just a few
breath so we’re folding we’re balancing you might be getting a nice stretch to
the back of the legs through that spine let the head be heavy look to your knees
breathe nice you guys take one more inhale exhale lower your heels back down
taking inhales you lift up halfway and exhale plant your hands step your feet
all the way back into your downward facing dog just shake it out a little
bit shake it out and then we’re gonna bring our knees all the way down alright
so we’re gonna set up that tabletop and we’re going to do the same wrist wrist
move I don’t know I didn’t tie my hair back at the starts but let me just
quickly do that so find your hands and find your knees spread those fingers
wide and we’re gonna start again by just rocking forwards as far forwards as you
can push the balls of the hands into the mat or the palms I don’t know why I keep
claiming them balls of the hands shift your weight forward and then send it
back nice you guys only going as far as feels good maybe your shoulders are
right over top of your wrists and that’s as far as you want to take it as those
wrists allow you to do one more and then push it back awesome you guys so take
that little counter stretch a little massage if you need it
you could keep keep doing your rocks if you want but be nice and gentle so those
wrists are nice little joints that are really important so bring your hands
back down when you’re ready and then keep the fingers planted and the finger
mounds the thumbs can come if they like but you’re just lifting the
palms up drop them down lift it up drop it down lift it up nice you guys so the
fingers are pushing into the mat the top part of the palm the finger mounds are
also pushing into the mat it’s just kind of the part close to your wrist
the middle of your palm that’s lifting now you see you guys let’s do three more
and two and last one some work you guys sit on your heels take all the weight
out of your hands do your counter stretch or your little wrist on whenever
you prefer some job you guys okay so we’re gonna come back into
downward facing dog lift those knees up hips nice and high
take an inhale look between your hands exhale walk or step your feet up to the
top of your mat okay from here inhale lift up halfway and exhale let’s fold
your hands can come to your block or the floor we’re gonna bend our knees we’re
gonna bend our knees I’m just gonna move back a little bit so that I’m in the
middle of my mat so I want you to bring your hips nice and low as low as you can
get them like you want to sit on your heels
but our heels are lifted off of the floor so this block or the wall can be
in front of you is gonna come in real handy right away so just lightly push
onto the block or you could also use the floor for this but we’re gonna work on
our balance a little bit at the same time that we’ve strengthened our ankles
so that sounds pretty fun how do we do that how do we do that you’re just gonna
start to lift the chest you want your to stack your shoulders above your hips and
then maybe you can let go of the wall or of the block that you are using and just
rest your hands on your lap and breathe and then notice what your heels are
doing can you lift them just a little bit more a little high
tire balancing on the balls of those feet and since we’re taking all the body
weight into the balls of the feet into those ankles we’re creating strength
nice job you guys a lot of concentration required in this one who’s still in it
let’s bring our hands to the floor whew ah really felt that so bring your
hands to the floor you can move your block out of the way and then just shake
your feet shake out your ankles whatever feels good that’s so good nice job you
guys all right you can have a comfy seat if you would like or you can lay down or
wherever you want to go but we’re done we’re done
it’s Friday for me and I don’t know about you guys but it’s Thanksgiving on
Monday for me so a long weekend that means no class with me on Monday so I
will see you guys on Wednesday and yeah have a great weekend maybe a long
weekend have an awesome day awesome everything I love you guys thank
you so much have a great day that’s the last time I’m gonna say it
have a great day one more time namaste

11 Replies to “Yoga for Strength | Weight Loss & Toning | Joints – Wrists & Ankles”

  1. I really like this practice! Strengthening the wrists and ankles is fun and so beneficial in the long run. This is also the last strength practice for a little while. Stay tuned for new stuff next week!!

  2. Very well explained yoga video here Rachel. Using Yoga to build strength is very cool especially when you don't have the resources to use weights or a gym. 👏👍👌💪

  3. This was a great exercise to strengthen the joints, I loved it! I was sweating at one point. My wrist definitely need more exercising. Thank you!

  4. Great practice! Love working on strengthening my wrists and ankles. Look forward seeing what you'll be sharing next week! 🙂

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