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hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel today our Yoga for strength practice is all about the
lower body so the legs and the booty so find a little bit of space to move let’s
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already okay you guys let’s start on our hands
and knees today so table top so spread those fingers nice and wide and slide
your wrists right underneath of your shoulders I want you really balance
alright we’re gonna be extending the right leg oh behind and then I actually
want you guys to lift it into the air and bend the knee so almost like you
want your heel to be the first thing to touch the ceiling if you were to chest I
don’t know pulse that right leg so you can drop the
knee almost of the matter all the way down and then just lift it back up so
just a little donkey kicks if you will but each time you lift squeeze that glue
to the top and try and touch your heel as high as he can towards that ceiling
lift that right knee up as well as that heel keep squeezing those glutes at the
top awesome you guys three more on this
getting nice and warm real quick and then you can drop that right knee all
the way down we’re gonna be extending that right leg out again though and then
move your foot off of your mat behind you to the left so a little stretch a
quick little break so with that leg kind of crossing behind you just start to
kind of push the hips or shift the hips over to the right side just creating
some length through that IT band or the outside of that right leg and that hip
just a small little movement here and then you can start to come back and
bring your right knee on to the mat again alright let’s try the left side so
start to extend that left leg lift it up into the air and then bend the knee and
then see if you can lift that heel even closer towards the ceiling
bring that knee back down and send it back up squeeze that glute at the top
breathe mmm so good nice job you guys just a few more getting a little bit
warmer maybe even feel on some work through
those shoulders because we have to hold our self up breathe three more on this
two and one awesome job guys so drop that left knee
down and then let’s take that stretch so it’s just extend the left leg and then
move it off to the right side behind you gently pushing the hips to the left and
just getting a little stretch I feel this to my side body sometimes in that
leg too depending on how sorry you are from all your other exercises that
you’ve been up to awesome job you guys so bring that left
leg back in let’s reset that tabletop so spread the fingers if you need to take
some weight out of their hands you can definitely sit on your heels but if
you’re good to come up into Child’s up into Child’s Pose up into downward
facing duck let’s start to go there so lift your knees off of the mats and
let’s take just our dogs for a little bit of a walk so bend one knee
straighten the other and just switch sides alarming up little bit more nice
job you guys so we’re gonna walk our feet together and using an inhale lift
your right foot up into the air look between your hands and exhale let’s send
it through alright we’re gonna stay on the ball of that back foot so you can
drop your knee if you want to but if you can keep it lifted keep it lifted and
then we’re just going to lift up standing nice and tall
so I happen to straighten that front leg you can do that too for now we’re still
on the ball of that back foot so bring your hands to your hips or maybe to
prayer in front of your heart and we’re gonna bend that front knee again so
sinking into the lunge and then you can straighten that leg so all about that
front leg right now each time you bend the knee you might even get a nice hip
flexor stretch on that left hip but we’re strengthening the legs here
both of them bending into that front knee keep that back leg
nice and strong breathing here awesome job you guys three more on this side two
and one more awesome work you guys case straighten both of your legs and let’s
spin that back heel down warrior one legs so take your belly button shine it
forward so adjust your stance so that you can have your belly button shining
forwards and then same thing only difference is the heel is down this time
so we’re going to start by straightening the front leg have your hands your arms
wherever you want them and then Bend into that front knee straighten that leg
and then Bend just little movements of that front leg nice you guys that back
leg is staying nice and straight nice and strong and you’re just doing some
pulses into that front knee alright three more finding that breath and last
one on this side awesome you guys alright we’re gonna just switch up the
feet a little bit or your two stance so turn that back foot out just a little
bit more take your belly button and shine it to the left side this time so
hips are facing the left as well again starting with straight legs the back leg
will stay straight you can reach your arms out if you want it and then Bend
into that front knee I think these ones are a little bit harder than the warrior
one but that’s just me so sink into that front knee and the bonus with these is
that we’re always opening up the hips even though we’re working on
strengthening the legs each time we run that knee we got that nice hip opener so
just go as far as feels good and that front knee and that front bend and then
pop it back up let’s do three more on this side two and then one more some
work you guys alright straighten those legs we’re gonna bring her back
but all the way up to the top of the mat shake it out shake it out alright we’re
gonna stay continuing on with that right leg so we’re gonna stand on the right
foot hands to the hips we’re gonna bring that left knee up into the air and maybe
you’re gonna stay here you guys we’re always building strength in the legs
when we’re standing on them you might feel it a lot more when you stand on
only one leg though you might not notice when you’re standing on two legs so
again depending on how you’re feeling today
you might be staying here however if you want to come a little bit further let’s
try to go into airplane or warrior three we’re doing all the warrior poses today
so if you need to drop your hands to the floor you can but try to keep as much
weight we a little wobbly today as much weight as you can into just that right
leg that right foot awesome work you guys find that balance
I’m super wobbly today my body is extremely sore from all that yoga that
I’ve been doing so good at the same time awesome job you guys slowly let’s start
to come back up and then drop that left foot down I don’t know about you guys
but man I really found that my standing leg alright let’s find the top of the
mat top of the mat roll your shoulders back and down
inhale reach up and exhale let’s fold forward inhale halfway exhale plant your
hands step your feet all the way back into downward facing dog awesome you
guys so just a little pedal of the feet if you’d like if you need Child’s Pose
you can take that as well but we’re gonna move to that other side so walk
your feet together when you’re ready for it
inhale your left foot up and exhale let’s send it through so again starting
on the ball of that back foot in the lunge
lift the chest as you are able to do so so take your time and then hands to the
hips or in front of the heart starting with a
right front leg and then we’re gonna just bend into that front knee nice and
slow pulses awesome job you guys find that breath I really have to concentrate
today to keep my balance but it’s all good all feels great so few more on this
side is pulsing bending into that front needs
that lunge feel those legs working let’s do three more three two and last one
awesome work you guys take that heel drop it down set up your warrior one leg
so bellybutton still facing the front of the room hands to prayer or your hips
and then let’s bend into that front knee again so these might be a little awkward
at first so if you need to adjust your stance you can adjust your stance I’m
going to actually move my front foot over a bit and then just little pulses
into that front knee keeping the back leg straight and strong and just working
on that or your one breathe awesome you guys maybe you’re feeling a little
something for the back foot that ankle because the heels down that’s all good
creating strength through the ankle is also important it’s you three more three
two and last one beautiful you guys alright
adjust your stance again moving that back foot a little bit further back and
setting up your warrior two so turning the belly button this time to face the
right side of the room and then you can add your arms if you want it we’re an
abandon to that front knee and same thing warrior lunges some of my favorite
things to do because they create so much strength
those legs sometimes we don’t even really notice we’re just trying to stay
in the pose but knowing we can move up and down and just kind of feel what’s
going on each time we actually really been into that front knee what goes on
through the hips through the back leg front leg and then let’s take three more
here two and one more nice work you guys bring your back foot
all the way at the top of your mat we’ve got to finish off with that warrior
three whoo-hoo really feeling the burn today so stand on your left foot bring
your right knee up whoo and start by chest finding your balance breathing and
if you want to stay here you stay here if you want to start to tip forward you
can come into your airplane whoo your warrior three and just finding some
balance some work on that standing leg nice so that’s a lot better than the
other side for me I don’t know about you guys and then let’s use an inhale whoo
bring yourself back up and then drop that right foot down next to the left
roll your shoulders back and down inhale reach up exhale fold inhale
halfway exhale plant your hands step all the way back downward dog a little
opportunity to either take Child’s Pose walk your dog or just stay still in down
dog nice job you guys so take another breath in and as you exhale everybody
bring your knees to the mat we’re gonna have a seat and then go all the way over
onto our back so lay on down plant those feet bring your arms beside
you aren’t quite done today we’re gonna finish off with our lovely bridge pose
so inhale lift your hips exhale lower inhale pop it up exhale drop it down
inhale lift exhale lower inhale exhale and just keep doing a few hip lifts
really squeezing those glutes at the top and just feel those legs working those
glutes nice job you guys alright we’re gonna come up onto the
balls of the feet so drop your hips push the balls of the feet lift those heels
and then do a couple more hip lifts a little different squeeze those hips at
the top awesome job inhale as you lift exhale as you lower
three more that’s it three more one awesome job you guys
rest your hips you’re back on the mat give your knees a nice big hug rock it
out if you want to rock it out take a nice big inhale through your nose and
exhale out your mouth nice job today you guys stay on your back or come all the
way up into a comfy seat I hope you enjoyed the practice today and I feeling
nice and warm have a great day and until we meet again namaste

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