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hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel today we are gonna be building strength in our arms
and on our shoulders so I highly highly recommend doing a warm-up first if you
know what to do for a warm-up great if you have no idea or you just don’t want
to think right now I have attached a video or a link to a video of a great
shoulder stretch just down below in the description of this video so check it
out and then come back and we’ll build strength through our shoulders but
anyways you guys if you’re here with me right now you’re ready to go you’re all
warmed up find a little bit of space to move let’s get started and just remember
to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already all right you guys let’s get started
sitting down but I want you to bring your feet onto the mat in front of you
and keep your knees nice and bent so we’re gonna be bringing our hands to the
fore behind us as well if your fingers can point forward give it a try if they
point out to the side that’s okay too but we’re gonna be lifting our butt off
of the mat trying a reverse tabletop so as you push into your hands and into
your feet try and lift the hips just a little bit so maybe you’re here maybe
you’re just lightly gently hovering your hips your butt above the mat already
feeling some work coming into those arms nice you guys so if you’re able to lift
the hips maybe a bit higher or all the way up into your tabletop think of being
in a reverse tabletop here you can look to your knees or you can look up but
we’re gonna move a little bit in this so just notice what it’s feeling like so
far you can move around a little bit or just find some stillness but hopefully
you’re feeling a little bit of heat building through the arms and through
the shoulders even well even the whole body actually but let’s take another
inhale the hips lifted and use an exhale gently gently place them back down
regroup if you need to take some weight out of the hands you can but we’re gonna
use an inhale and pop all the way back up lift the chin from the collar bone if
you can and try to gaze to the ceiling drop the hips inhale lift it up exhale
let’s lower nice you guys inhale pop it up exhale you don’t have to completely
drop the hips snap they can hover inhale lift it up exhale lower inhale few more
exhale nice you guys inhale and exhale inhale exhale one more inhale let’s hold
it at the top again look to the ceiling if you can or maybe a little bit further
back push into those palms try and pull the shoulders away from the ears let’s
take another inhale and gently gently place your hips back
down to all the weight out of the hands out of the arms give those wrists and
nice little massage we’re gonna need them again so come forward when you’re
feeling good whenever you’re feeling good and we’re just gonna find our
forearms give those wrists a nice big break so from the forearm so we’re gonna
take our palms and push them into the mat so you can stir it on your knees
here your butt’s kind of creeping into the air that’s all good that’s where I
want to be so tuck your toes under and we’re gonna lift the knees off of the
mat and find a dolphin pose so similar to downward dog
but we’re on our forearm so dolphin pose so a few things here dolphin pose is all
about those shoulders so you might be taking a lot of weight in the feet maybe
like a 50 percent in the feet 50 percent in the arms and the shoulders and that’s
perfectly fine if you’re feeling it in the shoulders however if you want a
little bit more you can start to rock forward and backwards and each time you
come forward you’re taking a little bit more weight into the shoulders and a
little bit less weight in the feet or the toes so you can rock or maybe you
just want to stay forwards with as little weight in the feet as you can and
then you’re just gonna breathe nice you guys so don’t be afraid to rock forwards
and backwards or hold it in one position whatever feels right in this moment
remembering we are trying to strengthen those shoulders and arms today so that’s
where you’re feeling it that is perfect awesome job you guys let’s bring the
knees to the mat very very slow all the way down onto the mat sit back on your
heels and take child’s pose relaxing through the shoulders just rest your
forehead or a cheek on the mat and just breathe
here some Java guys hmm so creating a lot of fire and heat and
strength today so at any time you need to take a rest you take a rest
awesome work you guys when you’re feeling good we are going to come back
you’re going to bring your hands under your shoulders so I know that there are
a number of people out there that have wrist challenges let’s say so if you
would rather be on your forearms for your plank you come onto your forearms
if you want to be on your hands on your palms you can come on to your palms so
find a plank though you can be on your knees or you can be on your feet
whatever you want to do awesome work you guys they’re gonna be here for a little
bit of time so again any time you need a rest you take a break alright so as we
are here though we’re gonna live up give a little bit more attention to that
right arm just that right arm so if you are loving this planking you’re
breathing hard and you’re like I can’t do a one-arm plank
you’re gonna stay on a two on two hours you’re gonna stay on two arms that’s
perfectly fine you’re still building a whole lot of strength not to worry but
if you’re feeling crazy today maybe that left hand wants to come and
just rest on your low back and now you have to balance and really work that
right arm and that right shoulder and if your left hands on your low back you can
bring it back and then try the right side might feel a little easy at first
when you switch sides but don’t worry that work is gonna come back right away
breathe wanna play whoo-hoo drawing the value by nannies that core
strength to help you so good let’s bring that right hand back to the matter that
for I’m back to the mat take a big inhale and exhale push back into
downward facing dog so again if you’re on your
forearms you can be in your dolphin hips nice and high again work in those
shoulders or maybe you’re in downward facing dog also working those shoulders
awesome you guys so this is technically supposed to be a nice little break so if
you rather do something else you could take Child’s Pose or something like that
but downward dog is a great way to build strength through those shoulders so even
though it might feel like a rest pose to some people you’re still building
strength nice you guys awesome work all right
using inhale look between your hands as you exhale walk your feet all the way up
to the top of your mat inhale let’s lift up halfway and exhale fold forward clasp
your hands together behind your back so interlace those fingers and then just
try and lift your hands off of your low back creating some length the arms
folding forward maybe letting the hands fall all the way behind the head nice
work you guys if you have your arms clasp behind you just slowly release
bring them all the way back down to the words the mat and let’s take an inhale
lift up halfway and exhale folding forward we’re going to step our feet all
the way back and again set up for a plank so from the forearms or the palms
you can be on your knees as well we’re gonna come into a side plank so roll
onto the outside of that right foot or the right knee and then find your
balance find your balance in the side plank whether you’re on your forearm or
on your palm finding a nice strong breath and that balance
it’s like one more inhale and exhale bring that left hand or left forearm
down and completely roll over onto the left foot or the left knee and find your
side plank awesome job you guys so good let’s stay friend inhale and exhale that
right hand is coming back down we’re switching sides again anytime you need
to take a break you take it nice work you guys one more inhale and exhale
switch sides nice and graceful transitions if you can breathe feel that
all through that left shoulder right now that left arm one more inhale exhale
bring your right hand to the floor and push yourself back down dog or dolphin slowing it down here yeah Child’s Pose
is always a great option as well but find your breath slow it down a little
bit take a nice little break awesome work you guys so wherever you’re
at right now find your way back either and on to your palms or on to your
forearms but we’re gonna be coming into a plank so shift your weight forwards
find your plank from your knees or your toes again you can be on the forums as
well but we’re just gonna hold it here for a few breath and similar to that
rocking forwards and backwards like we did in our dolphin when we’re on our
forearms our hips are in line so they’re not up super high like down dog but
we’re in plank and if you want to rock forwards and take some of the weight out
of the feet and put more into the shoulders you’re just gonna build a
whole lot more strength nice you guys one more and then push yourself back
into downward dog whoo those are hard let’s bring our knees to the mat and
take child’s pose for just a moment if you’d rather just rock around side to
side like me who can do that – hmm nice work you guys
so we’re gonna be coming back over we’re gonna have a seat and we’re gonna try
that reverse tabletop one more time but it’s gonna look a little bit different
so bringing your legs out in front whoo my shoulders I can feel that a lot of a
lot of heat they’re working hard hopefully yours are
too so bring your hands behind you and your feet on front so we’re gonna be
lifting the hips again but instead of lifting lifting and lowering the hips
we’re gonna keep them up the whole time and we’re gonna bend the arms the elbows
so you can just bend the elbows back just a little little like pulse like
movements and your hips don’t have to be very high off of the mat or maybe your
hips are resting on the mat and you’re still gonna get a great work
your triceps so find what works for you or maybe do a combination because I’m
counting and we’re gonna do a few more whoo
there it is Bri forever you are nice you guys
slowly slowly place your hips back down come forward have a comfy seat just
shake out your arms swing those arms relax your shoulders if you want to
close your eyes I understand because your eyes whoo so we’re gonna take our
right arm reach it behind the back you can clasp so have a hands together feet
like and just let your head to fall over to the left shoulder and slowly
releasing that right arm and bring the left arm behind and let your head fall
over to the right just a nice gentle stretch through the neck to the shoulder awesome job you guys alright so bringing
your arms out to your side so find a comfy seat and then really breech your
arms out grab on to your tennis ball so just pretend you’re hanging on so onto
some tennis balls or or something else and just do some pulses so the arms are
straight the shoulders are dropping away from the ears and you’re just gonna lift
those arms up and down and if you’d like to close your eyes and just breathe give it a try let it distract you awesome work you guys all right you can
drop your tennis balls cactus arms so fingers can spread out wide elbows are
in sting lifted and your two pulsing pulsing breathing awesome work
you guys few more few more nice job just a few
more here pulse it out breathe all right one more inhale and exhale relax your
hand into your lap we’re on your knees feel free to keep your eyes closed we’re
gonna end off by taking just three nice slow shoulder rolls so bring the
shoulders all the way up to your ears roll them back and down and again
whoo one more oh so good I hope that you feel like you did some work in the
shoulders I sure do have a great day you guys stick with me
for the next few weeks we’re gonna be building strength throughout the entire
body but each day is just gonna be a little bit specific to certain areas of
the body like today the shoulders are in the arms so have a great day and until
we meet again namaste

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