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hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel today our Yoga for strength practice is all about the
entire body so find some space to move let’s get started and remember to
subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already let’s start to date in Child’s Pose so
you can make your way onto your knees sitting back onto the heels and then
resting your forehead on to the mat so let’s just close our eyes take a few
breaths before we get into things we’ll take this time just slow things down a
little bit as best you can I want you to find stillness in your body so pick a
position in your child’s pose that works for you and then let’s try to be nice
and still the only thing really moving is your stomach as you inhale and as you
exhale nice job let’s take one more inhale here
and exhale I’m slowly starting to lift the forehead off of the mat we are going
to come on to our forearms so we’re going to get into things right from the
start here you guys we’re gonna find a plank on our forearms so I want you to
tuck your toes under and find the ball of the feet kind of start with the knees
lifted but if you do do plank from your knees drop them down but start with them
lifted and then drop them down so that your knees are not underneath your hips
it’s gonna be nice and hard that way so find a forearm plank tuck those elbows
in under the shoulders push your palms into the mat I don’t want you to make
any fists here why not relax the hands relax the fingers and this is how we’re
gonna strengthen and tone up our shoulders today so if you want to add a
little rock forwards it’s not a lot of rock backwards you can you can be nice
and still if you want to be nice and still but I want you to squeeze squeeze
your core draw your bellybutton back towards your spine and breathe some work
you guys I’m gonna stay here for three – neither lifted drop them down push
yourself up onto your hands tuck those toes under again and then lift up into
downward facing dog awesome you guys so let’s inhale into a
plank and exhale back into down dog and do that again inhale and an exhale one
more inhale and get nice and warm and he’ll start to look between your hands
exhale walk your feet all the way to the top of your mat inhale lifting halfway
up exhale as you fold inhale halfway again
X one more inhale exhale let’s fold
forward let the arms dangle the head be heavy maybe rock your hips side to side finding some length of the back of the
legs gently draw your bellybutton back towards your spine and then if your feet
are together squeeze your knees together as well if your feet are hip-width apart
keep your knees hip width apart we’re gonna bend our knees though dropping the
hips inhale lift your chest chair pose so don’t worry about reaching up we’re
gonna bring our palms in front of the chest prayer we’re gonna add a little
twist to our chair so squeeze those legs together if your feet are together but
if they’re not together keep them away from each other I can’t stress that
enough so push your palms together we’re gonna take the right elbow and bring it
towards the left knee yes the twist is a little bit easier if your legs and feet
are together so if you want to adjust you can adjust pushing your palms
together and let’s bring the hips just a little bit lower nice to have you guys
use an inhale turn yourself back to face the front lift that chest up a little
bit and then let’s go to the other side left elbow right knee push those palms
together squeeze the legs together for the knees eart or if the feet are
together nice job use an inhale coming back to the front
whew and exhale straighten the legs as you fold forward inhale lift up halfway
exhale inhale halfway exhale one more inhale halfway lift exhale folding
forward let the head be heavy let the arms dangle and your knees if it feels
good maybe rock the hips side to side a little break awesome job
alright break is over so with an inhale we’re gonna come all the way up to
standing what I want you to come up with intention so a nice flat back if you can
bring the hands to your hips ease in inhale
lift yourself all the way off some you guys we’re gonna take our left foot and
step it to the back of the mat both of our legs are gonna be straight let’s
shine our belly button to the left side of the room so your front foot is
pointing forward your back foot is pointing to the left side so we’re just
gonna reach that right arm for the front of the room over top of that front foot
reach reach reach and then you can lower your hand nice and lightly on the shin
so I don’t need to think about draw be the shoulder all the way down
just think about keeping the core nice and strong and that let that right hand
nice and light so that left hand can stay on the hip or it can reach up if
you want it but I want you to think about that right hand here so it’s nice
and light you’re leaning over to the side a little bit but you’ve gotta use
your core to hold yourself up if that left shoulder is falling towards the mat
come back reset I want it lifted I want the chest open to the left side
of the room nice you guys so working the legs nice and strong through the legs a
little micro bend in that front knee we’re really light you don’t even really
need to have your right hand on your shin because it’s not doing anything for
you today awesome job use an inhale lift yourself
back up shake it out shake it out we’re going
back down so make sure that front leg is still fairly straight reach reach reach
create some length through that upper body and then you can lower your hand
towards the right leg that shin keep that left shoulder pulled back squeeze
the core and if you can take all that weight out of that right hand give it a
try trikanasana breathe mmm awesome job you guys use an inhale lift your upper
body all the way back up so we’re gonna shift our weight onto that front foot so
you can come all the way up just gonna back up a bit though so we’re gonna
stand on our front foot we’re gonna be well actually know what the left foots
gonna stay down to start our hands are going to be at our sides and we’re
simply going to forward and send the left leg back at
the same time so I want you to bring your handle all the way to the floor and
then come back up plant your left foot and start to tip forward again as you
send the right leg behind tap the hands Moo and come back up so do these nice
and slow because they take a lot of balance I did this yesterday holding
weights in my hands if you’ve got weights next to you grab them your
glutes well thank you tomorrow they’ll be nice and sore like mine are right now
so keep switching sides a little one-legged warrior 3 deadlifts oh one
more on the left side nice you guys nice and slow coming back up your left foots
gonna stay at the top of the mat the right foot is coming to the back legs
are straight set up you’re tricking us in the stance shining the bellybutton to
the left or sorry the right side reaching with that left arm for the
front of the room find that length through the sides of the body just a
little tip but the chest and the shoulder that right shoulder are staying
open nice job you guys so nice and light through that bottom arm you can always
reach up with the top arm but it’s just an option working that core here working
those legs nice job I’m having a hard time sitting still today so my arms are
kind of all over the place but that’s okay as long as you’re breathing and
your legs are staying still okay you can move your arms as much as you’d like
nice job you guys so use a big inhale lift your upper body back up shake it
out shake it out we’re coming back down one more time so we’re reaching forward
drop the hand to the shin if you like but keep that right shoulder lifted
maybe even look to the ceiling to help you keep that shoulder lifted breathe
work those legs keep them nice and strong push into your feet nice and
light through that left awesome job inhale lift yourself back up
bring your back foot to the top of your mat or both feet to the middle of your
mat stand on your left foot and then we’re gonna do those little dip forwards
warrior 3 deadlifts I like to call them so come all the way down tap your
fingers come up nice and slow switch sides awesome you guys the straighter
you can keep that standing leg I’m not gonna say the better but just give it a
try a little bend in the knee is all good it’s gonna happen all for all of us
I’m sure lightly tap those fingers switch sides make sure you’re breathing
whew and then come back up awesome job one more on that right side
or the left where we are nice job all right bringing your feet together at the
top of the mat bend your knees sink nice and low into those hips inhale reach up
chair pose awesome you guys squeeze those knees together breathe one more
inhale exhale to fold inhale for a half lift exhale planting your hands stepping
your feet back all the way into a plank so you can come onto your forearms again
or you can stay on your hands this time plank pose you can drop to your knees
again just start with the feet and then drop the knee so that your hips are nice
in line with those knees and those shoulders so few breath here you guys so
strong let’s be nice and steady breathe in for these last few breath if you want
to add that little rock forwards and back you can if you’d like it but it’s
just an option maybe a distraction hmm awesome Eric one more inhale
exhale bring the knees down and lower the chest as well rest a cheek or your
chin rock your hips from side to side if you wanted hmm
beautiful you guys your hands are gonna come right underneath your shoulders mmm
we’re gonna keep our feet well they can be hip-width apart
they can be together but using an inhale start to lift your chest
you can come low for low Cobra or you can come all the way up but roll the
shoulders back let your thighs and your hips be really
heavy on the mats close your eyes if you’d like if you let’s stretch the
abdominals Cobra take one more inhale and exhale drop your chest nice and slow
all the way back down rest a cheek your chin just slowing down the breath nice
job you guys you can stay laying down or you can push yourself up and find a nice
comfy seat wherever you want to be haha somewhere today you guys have a great
rest of your day and until next time namaste

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