Zico’s hobby is to look at photos of ‘healthy women’ on social media? [Happy Together / 2017.01.12]

I heard you were known as Dongducheon’s crazy children. – How can you say that? / – You were, indeed. They’re quite famous there. I was the funniest guy in my grade. Sechan was also the funniest in his grade. We also played pranks on each other. – Did you pull pranks a lot? / – We did. What kind of pranks did you pull? We used to live in a country house. There was a hole in the bottom of the door where milk was delivered. – All of us shared the same key. / – You shared it. We put a magnet on the key. – We put the key / – Right. on the other side of the door. One day, I was home. Sechan was knocking on the door. A thought crossed my mind. If he knocks and I don’t say anything, he will put his hand in. I thought this was it. When he put his hand in, I was looking for the key. (He grabbed Sechan’s hand.) I started doing this. – We did this at least 100 times. / – We did for years. – For years, we did this. After that, / – For years? when I arrived at the door, I just knocked. When he didn’t open and I’d say, “Open it.” I yelled at him to open the door. I didn’t go in for an hour. I said, “Open it. I told you to open the door.” For an hour, I did this. When I was reaching for the key… (He grabs his hand.) – You’re Dongducheon’s crazy children. / – Amazing. We liked to scare each other a lot. I even wanted him to pass out. – Pass out? / – Let’s try this. – He’s washing his face. / – He’s washing his hair. I’d approach him secretly. (He sneaks up on his brother.) I have my eyes closed because of the bubbles. He’s approaching him secretly. (He surprises him.) – This is amazing. / – Then, he would… He would be so surprised. That night, how would you sleep, Sehyung? (He sleeps well.) – I would sleep well. / – You would. It’s because you’re so happy. – It’s like I’ve finished my day well. / – Right. Jaeseok, did you pull pranks on your sisters? I did, before. I have two sisters. They only hung out with each other. – They would lock the door. / – They locked the door. To be honest, I didn’t want to hang out with them, either. But you have one of those boring days. It’s the days you want to hang out with your sisters. Why would they lock the door? I was insulted. When I tried to eavesdrop, I heard them laughing. I was angry, but they went out to do something. They had dolls. Their names were Lala, Mimi, and Toto. – They’re a group. / – Lala, Mimi, and Toto? Two of them were ladies and the other was a man. – Toto was a man. / – They were Barbie dolls. I thought what I should do. I shaved Toto’s hair. My goodness. I wrote, “Toto went to serve in the army.” That was my revenge. (That’s how his precious memory came about.) They were so mean. It isn’t enough to earn the title of crazy children. I heard you rode the container when you were young. This wasn’t crazy, but rather Sehyung was known to be sly like a fox. I was the sly child number one and he was number two. There was a riverside in front of our house. We were thinking what we could do for fun. There were big Styrofoam. The ones used for building… – There was a board… / – Yes, there was. We thought it would be fun to ride that. It was me, Sehyung, and two of our friends. – With a long stick, / – With the stick, – we rode it like a boat. / – we rode it. From the other side, a man said, “Hey, what are you doing?” – We thought it belonged to no one. / – But it didn’t. We saw the man on a car coming toward us. We wanted to get away by rowing really fast. – He crossed the bridge and moved fast. / – Right. Sehyung and I are slow runners. Our two friends ran quickly and got away. We didn’t plan this before. We both thought of this trick. We were sly. We were running. We saw a swing when we were running, so I got on it and Sehyung pushed me from behind. (They’re the sly brothers, indeed.) And then the man said, “Hey, you.” (The man who was chasing them) “Hey, you.” (That was a perfect reenactment.) This is old-fashioned comedy. Our two friends were caught. We were sly and we didn’t get caught. – Didn’t you talk about it before? / – No, we didn’t. Our teamwork at the time… If I had to pick three moments, I would pick this. I got on it, and he pushed. We didn’t even talk it over. – I was on the swing. / – When is mom coming? – How could they come up with it? / – Right. – It’s amazing. / – This is all true. Now, this was enough to recover your strength, right? He moved forward again. Look at his legs. – I heard Zico likes glamorous ladies. / – Right. Taewoon, do you like ladies with glamorous figures? – I like a lady with a glamorous figure. / – Do you? I do too. But we focus on different things. First of all, I like healthy ladies. Is it like a personal trainer? – What kind of… / – Yes. You’re right. You like ladies who take care of their body well. When I’m on my social media, I see many healthy ladies. On your social media? – There are so many of them. / – You’re right. I really like looking through them. Time flies when you look through them. I’m always careful not to hit the heart icon. You’re right. That’s leaving a trace. I’m worried I might touch it. So I go back. This is what I do. – You should be careful. / – You must be careful. There was a misunderstanding because of Sechan. What happened? You have so many stories. Sechan gave me a picture to look at and I asked why. He said he wanted to set me up with her. I asked – if she knew about this, and she didn’t. / – Right. He said he would set me up with her. I didn’t know who she was. I was trying to enlarge it. But you clicked it. Sechan said, “Stop it. Don’t do anything stupid.” I asked what I did. The lady told Sechan, “Suddenly, Saeho” / – He clicked, “liked all of my pictures.” She said it was scary. – Why did you do that? / – I didn’t know I did that. – I was trying to see it. / – He wanted to enlarge it. When he tried that, he kept pressing the button. Did you try to do it on all the photos? I see. There was a time… Do you still not have a girlfriend? I don’t have one. I can’t trust him. – My gosh. / – I heard… Zico mentioned something. He said Sehyung is very playful on the show, but outside of the show, he’s serious and even sexy. Just moments before we came in here he was very quiet when he was in the waiting room. (He’s usually quiet.) But once the show started, he poured in his energy. It’s like he’s charging his energy before the show. – Should I say he’s aware? / – Really? – You’re too kind. / – He has a lot of thoughts. Then how about your own brother? – My brother… / – Say something nice. – My brother… / – Say something nice. – Be nice. / – He doesn’t have a lot to talk about. My brother is kind. “My brother is kind.” Zico, do you have any memories of your brother being cool? I have one. It’s when I went to school in Japan. We studied in Japan together. The order of rank in Japan is taken very seriously. – Are Japan schools like that? / – Yes, they are. – Schools were very strict. / – Right. The senior students would call us a lot. – I was always the first one called. / – Really? – Luckily, we’re in the same school together. / – Yes. They figured out he was my brother and let me go. – Your brother… / – I took care of it. You ordered them to leave your brother alone. Right. I ordered them. We’re two years apart. So when I told the junior students to leave him alone, they listened to me. All of my friends were called by the seniors except me. Your safety is what matters. – Actually / – That sounded insincere. you hurt me more than they did. It was when we were in middle school. To him, his brother was a bully. That’s right. There was a time when I was trying to watch shows like “Two Days and One Night” and “Infinite Challenge”. They were quite popular. When I was about to watch the shows, there was a music file. I played it. – And? / – The song was about me as I listened to it carefully. Was the lyrics about you? – What was it about? / – What was the lyrics? The song said that he was going to – Did he say he’ll hurt you? / – destroy his brother. – My gosh. / – Was that part of the lyrics? – It’s almost like killing his brother. / – “I deny” “your existence.” It was that kind of feeling. – Seriously? / – He’s your brother. – I mean… / – You disrespected your brother. – Zico disrespected him. / – He did disrespect me. I didn’t write about my brother. – Was it not about me? / – That was… – He’s your brother. / – You only thought that because you saw me like that and you felt guilty. – Guilty? / – Why would I feel guilty? – I’m… / – We might really see you fight today. – We really might. / – Since high school, my brother has been very active. – I was always home. / – Right. When I listened to music and made mixtapes, I used a lot of curse words since I was young. No matter how he looked at it, he could’ve thought it was about him. So you didn’t write about your brother? – I didn’t. / – Why did it sound like it was about me? A guilty conscience needs no accuser. He didn’t write about many people. He wrote about one. To be honest, at that time, I didn’t pay a lot of attention to my brother. I didn’t care what he did. You’re hurting your brother even more. – It was a misunderstanding. / – It’ll hurt him more. That’s what you thought because you felt sorry. You must have done things – that made you think so. / – Right. – That’s why he was stressed. / – I… – Please apologize. / – I’m sorry about that. – “I’m sorry about that.” / – What surprises us is that they have separate rooms, – but we shared a room until we were adults. / – Right. – We can never share a room. / – Why? It’s because during summer, when he turns on the air conditioner, he doesn’t turn it off. He just sleeps with the AC on. There were even icicles on the ceiling. – Really? / – I don’t think it can make icicles. – No, it did. I was shocked. / – I… I’m afraid of heat. – You must like the weather these days. / – Yes, I do. – He doesn’t feel cold. / – I leave my windows open. – Really? / – I open my windows this much. – Seriously? / – Then he’ll be under the blankets. (He’s freezing.) (He was showing off.) How can you be like that as a man? – You told… / – That’s stupid. We thought you weren’t sensitive to cold. You open the windows, turn on the AC, and you shiver. What’s this? – There’s pleasure in it. / – Some people like it. – What kind of pleasure is it? / – How… – When I’m under the cover naked, / – Naked. my body starts to generate heat. – And… / – When you close your windows… – Sleep outside. / – He should sleep naked. – His underpants… / – That’s why when we moved to another house in Japan, my dad got rid of his room and he slept in the living room. His room was so dirty. The wallpaper came off. Things were – on the wall. / – He must’ve been a pest to your dad. – Why did the wallpaper come off? / – Yes, why did it? – What? / – He put booger on the wallpaper. This isn’t true. That’s understandable. We can understand that. – That’s okay. / – This isn’t true. It’s the truth. We need to check the bottom of the chair today. – We understand. / – The boogers… – It’s understandable. / – He ruined the wallpaper. On one hand, I feel sorry for Taewoon. His look doesn’t match at all. You said you were going to help me. This is me helping you. We should be honest. – There will be news articles about this. / – I… This isn’t true, really. You were young. – Everyone picks their nose. / – Booger… My father said, “No brother is as kind as I am.” – He kept telling me that. / – Did he say that? His father drilled it in him. – You can’t make up things. / – It really happened. – He always did tell me this. / – Taewoon… I believed what he said and it comforted me. He said this and got rid of your room, right? He did get rid of it. – There could’ve been a financial problem. / – Right. – Actually, that’s true. / – There was, indeed. – If that’s the case, / – Right. the younger one would usually give up his room. They got rid of his room. That’s possible. Their dad thought it’s okay since he’s older. Dad didn’t treat him differently because he was older. My dad was very fair. – Your parents were… / – Right. – It was the opposite in our household. / – How? The older sibling was always first. It was always like that. The older sibling always took care of the younger one. If he was beaten up, I took care of it. This was how things were in my family. – Your family… / – It was a traditional household. How about the clothes? Did you wear the clothes Sehyung used to wear? – Back then, we were / – Weren’t they small for him? – the same size. So we shared. / – We shared. They bought clothes in different colors like how twins wore their clothes. Since we’re on the subject, how about you? – Excuse me? / – Your clothes. – Were the clothes handed down? / – Clothes… Hey, you can’t. You’re going to ruin me. – What is it? / – Tell us. When we were young, the only pleasure we had was to save up money and buy something really nice. After saving for a month, I went to buy the clothes and brought it home. – That must’ve felt awesome. / – Of course. He went out wearing my clothes the next day. – My brother did. / – Your brother? I didn’t wear it the next day. You always wore them first. That’s why later on I locked my closet. – Did you lock your closet? / – Yes. – And he picked the lock. / – How did I do that? – You did. / – He also steals. – No. / – He’s the worst brother. – He unlocked it with a coin. / – This is… – My goodness. / – I was so shocked. – How could he… / – Hold on. – I don’t remember. / – It’s like juvenile delinquency. – Juvenile delinquency? / – If things work out for him, he can be a security guard. If things work out for him? Back then, when you buy it, you want – to show off on your social media. / – That’s right. Because he wore it first, it felt like his clothes were handed down to me. – I see. / – That’s true. – I… / – I feel for you. It’s my clothes when it’s on my social media. – Back then, that was hip. / – That’s right. – It’s true. / – You might feel it’s a hand-me-down. That was my only pleasure and I couldn’t have it. – He took it away from you. So you were mad. / – Right. I thought you were supposed to help me. (Weren’t you supposed to support me?) You said you would help me. It looks like you’ve almost given up. – Look at him. / – Wait… He was actively involved earlier. – He gave up. / – Now, he gave up. – It was funny. / – You can do it, Taewoon. – That’s okay. / – He gave up. – This doesn’t’ change anything. / – All right. Okay. Zico, did Taewoon hit you because of fried chicken?

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  1. I mean all zico said was he likes healthy styles that take care of their bodies. that doesn't necessarily mean thick Kinda mean how everyone immediately jumps to diss Seolhyun. She is actually know for her figure though. People need to understand that the Korean physical make up is different from Koreans, they just generally tend to be on the slender side. Even if they are "fat" they still tend to have smaller chests and butts. Some of the celebrities being mentioned for being voluptuous actually had surgery. Jessi herself admitted to having breast enlargement surgery.

  2. aw man, this made his brother seem like a really bad person.
    I'm sure zico has some secrets in the closet too…

  3. To me, Taewoon looks more like Park kyung than Zico :/

    P/s: After finishing this video, it seems like Zico and his bro are not in good terms eh, Taewoon seemed so offended by what Zico says and everything…

  4. The jokes are too hard on the older brother. In other contexts the stories would have been funny (they're not even all that unheard of) but all the mc's are ganging up on him and you can see that he his genuinely hurt by it and he doesn't seem to be able to get the chance to speak like Zico does. They should've moved on or tried a different way to joke around, especially Zico ("You said you were going to help me today").

  5. zico is a good musician but the way his personality and how he acts around people seems so unattractive sometimes? I don't really know how to explain it, but i feel like he's like this around other artists and his brother too.

  6. I honestly like Taewoon better than Zico. Zico seems a bit arrogant. I know Taewoon wanted to kick his ass after the show. I would never disrespect by brother on TV. That was just wrong even if he was teasing.

  7. Haha lol, "Toto went to serve in the Army." Oh lord, I cut and shaved the hair of my sister barbies as well when I was angry at her, My brother did it with mine again (karma). Who didn't cut the dolls hair? I mean it's still so tempting.

  8. I don't know why people here thinks Zico and his bro were not in good terms. My brother and I are worse than this but we're always good with each other.

  9. I think Zico and Hwasa would make a cute couple. He likes thick girls, Hwasa said that she liked Zico and I can not forget the moment when Mamamoo performed and Hwasa was leaning on Zico while singing 😂❤

  10. Omg, I can relate with Zico because my sister always puts on my clothes all the time🙄🙄🙄

  11. I love zico as a rapper but not his whole personality i find him insensitive to people most often.. but i still like him tho! I think zico still hold grudge to his hyung thats why he act like this taewoon on the other hand is taken for granted as eldest brother.. we all know why…

  12. i pity Taewon for the whole episode..Zico makes him looks like a really bad brother that its becomes more akward for him and make him speechless.. I wish he really did make his older brother gain more confidence rather than letting him leave behind.. and making his selfsteem down.. he even told him that he shouldn't audition to mixnine.. is he ashamed of his older brother doing his best to be known and successful also?

  13. Feel bad for Taewoon for he is also so talented but everyone compares him to Zico who is also amazing in his own right. Taewoon is very talented but many shows have portrayed him as mean and arrogant and he is not . actually they do lookalike if you look real close. You could tell some of the questions or jokes were uncomfortable for him.Love Taewoon and Zico .

  14. I remember a show where one of the members of super junior is the host in there. There is a chart that Block B os the group that always do those things HAHHAHAA

  15. omfg i can't believe zico threw him under the bus like that when he said taewoon put boogers on the wallpaper omfg i'm laughing i can't it's on live television too 😂😂😂

  16. This sounds like my siblings, like almost exactly. We fuck with each other so much. But I'm mainly the target when it comes to bullying.

  17. this show gave him a bad image shjdkdkd anyway we all know jiho supports taewoon and taewoon supports jiho that’s that

  18. Siblings bicker and tease each other often. Most of the time, idols act differently on variety shows such as over-reacting so as to make it more entertaining. Seeing all these comments about how zico treats his brother poorly is irritating me. Have you seen akmu? I highly doubt taewoon was really offended by zico.

  19. Zico said healthy. All the example photos were healthy slim ladies. Fat chicks get called thick these days to make themselves feel better. Guys don’t want fat girls, they want healthy girls.

  20. I love the crazy brothers, and their pranks. I like their story of being slide children. I have no idea who they are but they were hilarious!
    And I like having my room cold to!

  21. I have brothers and I know they can be mean to their siblings, but Zico didn't have to say those things on national television. It must've been so embarrassing for his brother. There are certain things you don't say about your family to strangers.

  22. I don't know how some people see ZICO as handsome. I appreciate his talent but not his looks. He have this fat face that I don't understand.

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