ZYL: Opponent Has a Unique Serve – Ball Boys Help Conserve Stamina

The player you faced today had a tricky serve Right, she served plenty well I never played her before but I felt her serve was quite good You breezed through the 1st 2 games What happened in the 3rd game? Perhaps there were not many rallies in the 1st 2 games She probably got used to my pace in the 3rd game…more rallies and I made 2 easy mistakes Consistency was not good enough Now there’re ball boys to pick up the balls The flow of the match doesn’t leave much room for thought gathering, any concern? Not really…to me ball boys help conserve stamina That’s pretty nice…that’s how we play in the league(CTTSL) We’ve been doing it this way for many years…I’m pretty accustomed to it Keep it up! Subbed by zeio

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